Altercation Over Prop 8

Filed under News, Sexuality & Gender on November 10th, 2008 by M. French

Homosexual activists often speak of the hatred they have felt from a segment of the conservative Christian community because of their sexuality, but are there any examples of hatred from the homosexual community towards conservative Christians? Take a look at this footage from KPSP CBS 2 in Palm Springs, California that shows protesters from The Desert Pride Community Center, Equality California, and the Human Rights Campaign so angry about Proposition 8, that they attacked an elderly woman carrying a cross (click here for the article with the video):

Here is more information about the altercation and how people responded [link to video]:

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  1. At the end of the top video the male commentator states that there was “obviously a lot of hate and anger on both sides”. Did I miss something in the video? I failed to see all the “anger and hate” coming from the elderly lady with the cross who was attacked. Maybe all the bitterly angry men wearing rainbow colors yelling “We should fight”, “Shame on you” , and throwing their “Vote NO on Prop 8″ signs in front of the camera as Kimberly Chang(with fear in her eyes) tried to peacefully interview the woman caused me to miss the “anger and hate” coming from the elderly woman? Where did I miss the violence of the elderly woman? Did the little-restrained violence of the Prop 8 supporters drown it out? hmmmmmmmmmmm……. Who is that male commentator? What was he seeing? Were his glasses fooged(oh, wait! He wasn’t wearing them!)? Is this what he calls fair and unbiased reporting?
    Appreciate you guys posting these on your site…..

  2. Oh, OK, Kris Long…

  3. Contact Kris Long at:

  4. DO the videos above and the article below “vaguely” remind anyone of Acts 19:23-41:

    Prop 8 Impacts Local Businesses (Palm Springs, CA)

    Posted: Nov 6, 2008 08:32 PM CST

    Updated: Nov 8, 2008 01:13 AM CST

    By Kimberly Cheng
    KPSP Local 2 News

    Same sex marriages are no longer performed in counties across California since Proposition 8 appears to have passed. For a few months, same sex marriages were apparently bringing in big bucks to the Valley.

    According to the Riverside County Clerk, over six thousand marriage licenses were issued from June to November of this year. That’s about a 32% increase from July to November of 2007. About 4,000 were issued then.

    Same sex marriages proved to be very profitable in in the City of Palm Springs. Christopher Malm owns Jake’s Ready to Eat, a restaurant and catering business. He said gay weddings boosted his revenue. “At least ten thousand (dollars) a month in weddings, rehearsals (and) dinners,” he said.

    According to the City Clerk, 617 marriages were performed in Palm Springs between June and November 2008. That’s the period when gay marriages were legally recognized in California. The majority of those marriages were same sex.

    Thirty-one percent of couples married in that period were from out-of-state. “The tourism board, websites, everybody drove business here….to lose (that) business would be a crime,” said Malm.

    Scott Hines manages, a website that advertises local businesses to same sex couples. He says couples from out of town spend money on hotels, restaurants, and various businesses throughout the Valley.

    “Our phones are ringing off the hook to cancel those advertisements so our website will go away,” Hines said.

  5. Yoo,

    At the end of the top video the male commentator states that there was “obviously a lot of hate and anger on both sides”. Did I miss something in the video?

    I saw no hate from the elderly woman, unless holding a cross has become “hate” nowadays.

  6. Yoo,

    What are you proposing people do with the contact info for the reporter?

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