Abortion Statistics

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Editor’s Note: For more information on abortion, including video of the actual procedure (WARNING: Graphic Content), go to www.abortionno.org

From Bound4Life:

Abortion Worldwide

Annually, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide. That’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds.

Abortion in the United States

An estimated 48 million babies have been aborted since 1973. Approximately 24% of all U.S. pregnancies end in abortion.

Characteristics of Women Having Abortions

  • Over half (56%) of all women having abortions between 15-44 are in their 20’s.
  • Nearly eight in 10 U.S. women obtaining an abortion report a religious affiliation.
    • 43% are Protestant
    • 27% are Catholic
    • 8% are other religions
  • 41% of women having abortions are white, 32% are black, and 20% are hispanic.

  • Black and Hispanic women have higher abortion rates than non-Hispanic white women. Black women’s abortion rates are 49 per 1,000, Hispanic women’s are 33 per 1,000 and non-Hispanic white women’s are 13 per 1,000.
  • According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the most recurrent characteristics of women having abortions over time are nonwhite, poor and unmarried.

Reasons For Abortion

  • 98% Personal Choice (unwanted or inconvenient)
  • 1.7% Life/Health of Mother or Child
  • .3% Rape/Incest

Abortion by Gestational Age

African American Community

  • According to the CDC, each year 616,074 African Americans are born.
  • 458,500 babies will have died from abortion.
  • 284,877 blacks will have died that same year through anything from natural causes to heart disease.
  • There are 743,377 Africans Americans dying yearly. This number is 127,303 more than those that are born.
  • From 1973 to 2004, nearly 30% of the black population were erased through abortion. Out of the average 4,400 babies dying daily that are reported abortions, an estimated 1,300 are African American. They account for 32% of women having abortions yearly, yet make up only 13% of the American population. African American women are 3 times as likely to have an abortion than other women.

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  1. Thank you for the info!

  2. And The world wonders why our economy is in the toilet….. we’re killing ourselves…. that’s 46 million lives a year worldwide not only not living… but not contributing to our planet and it’s economy… it’s not just greedy men in washington that caused this landslide of hell on earth… but all our failure to protect the unborn and allow ourselves to live.

  3. is very interesting your information, thanks and go ahead
    God bless you in charlotte and me in mexico 

  4. i totally agree with all of the statistics. i believe that murder is murder no matter when a person believes that a life actually begins. even though that is the women’s body she has to realize that its not only hers it somebody else’s to now and she has to protect that baby from any thing that can harm it. which is kind of contradictive on my part being that a baby can harm the mothers body may actually be able to kill it. but i still believe that anyone that has an abortion should go to jail for it and have an even a longer sentence than if they had killed an adult because the baby is innocent.

  5. how can someone kill and inocent baby which even though isnt fully develpo is a person….. i pray 4 the abortionists i hope they will one day realize wa they r doing…..:(

  6. Very informative.  Thanks, and yes, it is only money that rules the world.  When the planet needs us, will we be there?

  7. [...] well. But then, is killing a baby because because it is unwanted or inconvenient, as is the case in 98% of abortions in the U.S., really any better? Spread the [...]

  8. Wow.
    To James N, you’re extremely misinformed. The number of abortions in the world is not the direct cause of our plummeting economy. You can think whatever you want about abortion and whether it’s right or not, but just know that our nation’s debt from Roosevelt’s extensive spending (which put us in huge debt, but was very beneficial during the Great Depression) as well as some of Bush’s unnecessary tax cuts, and his laissez-faire policies are the majority of the reason our country’s economy is, as you so eloquently put it “in the toilet.”
    Also, I happen to be pro-choice, but I don’t support abortion. In fact, i think it would be better if no one got abortion, but unfortunately, you don’t really know until you’re in the situation. If you are irresponsible and get pregnant at 16, you should deal with the consequences, however, if you are raped and you are at high risk of dying during the delivery of your baby due to health complications, I think you should most definitely have the choice of abortion. And you don’t necessarily have to get abortion. If you catch your pregnancy early enough you can have your fertilized eggs released and frozen so someone else can have the baby.
    I just believe that no woman who has been raped should be told by someone else that they HAVE to have a baby, especially someone who hasn’t been through anything as brutal and depreciating as rape. Many may say “Since when can a woman claim the right to kill an innocent baby?” and I can see why they would think that, but I believe a woman has the right to have the fetus removed form her body when it has been concieved in such a disgusting, scarring way as rape. After her body has been taken as someone’s property in a horrid way, she shouldn’t then again be denied the rights to her own body and her own future health. <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:SimSun; panose-1:2 1 6 0 3 1 1 1 1 1; mso-font-alt:??; mso-font-charset:134; mso-generic-font-family:auto; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:3 680460288 22 0 262145 0;} @font-face {font-family:”Arial Narrow”; panose-1:2 11 6 6 2 2 2 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:swiss; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:647 2048 0 0 159 0;} @font-face {font-family:”\@SimSun”; panose-1:2 1 6 0 3 1 1 1 1 1; mso-font-charset:134; mso-generic-font-family:auto; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:3 680460288 22 0 262145 0;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:””; margin:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:”Times New Roman”; mso-fareast-font-family:SimSun;} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} –>

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  9. Think how much worse the economy would be if all of those unwanted babies had been born.  We’re nearing 11% unemployment as it is.

  10. One of the underlying lessons in the world economy is that it runs on cycles. There is usually an economic slump of some kind every 25 years or so. This is the natural consequence of our economic system. 

    Of course, it would need more childcare and it would mean a greater level of maternity leave. Although, it could be argued that these things actually create jobs for unemployed people/ unskilled workers to retrain.

    You cannot say that additional births would make the economy worse and have a valid point.

    Just think, 24% of children are aborted, if the necessary ratio of childcare workers is say… 1 adult to every 3 children, then in fact, we’d be creating a surplus of jobs rather than damaging the economy.

    This would create a need for more childcare workers – but let’s cross our bridges when we come to them eh? 

  11. You cannot say that additional births would make the economy worse and have a valid point.

    Answer: We’ve already got about 25,000 children starving to death every day as it is.

    Just think, 24% of children are aborted,

    Answer: 15% of fetuses are miscarried. Some intelligent design huh?

    Laura the economy would be worse but what about the crime rate and our prison system?

  12. That’s one of the most unsatisfactory answers you have ever given Bernie.

  13. Amanda said, “I happen to be pro-choice, but I don’t support abortion.” What confusion and what audacity to tell James N that he is the one who is “extremely misinformed.” But the confusion doesn’t stop there, it continues with some nonsense about Bush’s tax cuts being the real reason why the economy is in trouble. I think it is more likely proliferate government spending and over (and miss-) regulation of the economy that is the problem.

  14. My question is when will people stop complaining, and start really praying?  Do people not realize that God is BIG?  God in Genesis 20:17 had no problem closing the wombs of the women.  When will the Church start praying the word of God, and asking Him to do what we have been unable to do?  Maybe it is because we don’t believe He can!  Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.  This is not a court fight, this is a God fight!  I just wonder if enough Christians started praying this, if just maybe, we might actually get God to move on our behalf?

  15. Dear Amanda,
    you said:
    “And you don’t necessarily have to get abortion. If you catch your pregnancy early enough you can have your fertilized eggs released and frozen so someone else can have the baby.”

    is that a joke? that is just a pre-conceived idea. It has never been put into action and if it were to ever work, it would be extremely expensive. What kind of person who wants an abortion would go to that extreme to save their baby? None.

    you also said “In fact, i think it would be better if no one got abortion, but unfortunately, you don’t really know until you’re in the situation.”

    wrong. I have been in the situation. I got pregnant at 17 and abortion never crossed my mind. It was never an option. I was either going to have the baby and keep it, or have the baby and give it up for adoption. What you say is a pathetic excuse for people who have had abortions. I took responsibility the moment of conception.

    You also talk about rape for most of your argument. The number of women seeking abortions who have been raped is a miniscule number, almost irrelevant. Yes, it’s a horrible thing, but two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Thank you and god bless :)

  16. The fact that “Pro Choice” is focused on abortion, and NOT other choices, is no accident/ They receive money from a variety of sources:

    Tax dollars
    Females coming to their clinics for the abortions
    Marketing  and selling of babies’ body part.

    This last one is BIG BUSINESS, and the fact that this is an activity that hovers ‘under the radar,’ and is ‘done in the dark,’ speaks to the fact that it is horrifying, depraved, and illegal.

    Check this out:


    “When children become unimportant to society, that society has forfeited its future.”
    – L. Ron Hubbard

  17. [...] of Revolution. 09 Oct 1. http://voiceofrevolution.askdrbrown.org/2009/01/18/abortion-statistics/ Posted by Jeremy West Filed in Abortion, America, God, the Bible Leave a Comment [...]

  18. How dare you say things like this. Killing is killing. I get angry every time I hear things like this. Its not about the economy or nothing else. Babies are being killed everyday. That is your consequence for laying down and having sexual intercourse before marriage. Deal with it. Grow up and be an adult. I am only 16 and you think I am not tempted. I made the choice to stay a virgin for my husband. I see it like this don’t lay down and open your legs and you won’t have to worry about it. You chose to lay down so you get your consequence. A baby isn’t an item that you can return. The Lord says in his word Thy should not kill, and you disobeying him. I’m sure you don’t mean to, even if you do, you should be put in prison. It’s the same as if you were to walk in a room and kill two people. So don’t try to justify your wrongs. I’m not the one to judge, but you will recieve your judgement. There are alternatives to abortion. find them.

  19. So Alexis,

    If someone makes a mistake by having sex prior to marriage, that person should bring an unwanted child into the workd and just “deal with it”.  You really are 16 years old.  Your post is immature.

    There are thousands of unwanted children in the US, many of whom are from the unwanted minorities (i.e., Black boys).  These children languish in foster care because their mothers and absent fathers haven’t “dealt with it”.

    Abortion is a personal choice.  You “Christians” can keep ranting and raving, but women will do what’s best for themselves.  As they should since I don’t see “Christians” advocating health care for the poor, subsidized daycares for working mothers, etc.

    Hopefully, as you grow up, you will realize that individual freedom = individual choice.  God gave Adam and Eve the choice to either obey or disobey His commands.  I don’t understand why “Christians” have so much problems with women making choices of their own, which do not impact you all in any way whatsoever.

  20. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice both views meet at one common point: life. They want to protect the life of the mother or life of the baby. Legalized or not, abortions will always be debated in our society. It’s not possible to decide on a particular suit of rules that would suit either argument. It all comes down to the individual approach of the mother and her circumstances that will continue to help her make the decision. 

  21. Just responding to comment number two, ah what about the over population of the world? Maybe it’s a good thing that some of these babies aren’t being born

  22. Layla,

    Actually, the world is not overpopulated. I’d be interested to know what sources you’re relying on here if you have time to post them.

    Also, if you feel that the world is overpopulated, would that justify killing the elderly or killing little children? Obviously not. So, once you realize that the baby in the womb is a real human being, you wouldn’t kill that baby either.

  23. To those who think that a raped woman having to give birth is worse than an abortion, you need to really study the issue. The effects of abortion on a woman, both physically and emotionally are horrendous. It is much safer, both physically and emotionally, to give birth and give the child up for adoption.

  24. For someone who wants to take a real look at abortion from a doctor who used to be an abortion provider:  http://www.afterabortion.org/hope/arti61.htm

  25. continuing on from 22
    Why do you think global warming is happening, there are too many people. Australia is considering removing the baby bonus to stop couples having babies and to deter the population. I’m ot saying abortion is the answer, but it could help the situation.

  26. Layla,

    As surely as you and I exist, global warming is not being caused by too many people on planet earth! If ever there was a myth, this was it.

  27. Global warming has been proven to be virtually nonexistent. Some of the temp reading devices were moved from cooler places to warmer ones…like from mountaintops to parking lots. Not only that…but there are many places in the planet that are actually colder. Over the last ten years…the temps went up…only to go back down during the last 2 or 3. I could go on about all the reasons it is a farce.

    These are all things the main stream media don’t tell you because the whole thing is about control…not about saving the planet. If it were, you would see a major lifestyle change in the ones at the top who scream the loudest about the supposed global warming.

    However…supposing it was true…our presence does not impact the environment nearly as much as volcanoes and other natural events.

    Just my two cents.

  28. There are millions of babies being born every year from unfit teenage mothers. They usually give their parents the responsibility and do not have any finances to help pay for their baby. The ghettos are screaming with mothers who can not take care of their children and the child has to suffer in poverty creating all sorts of disorders. Not only that why is it the man who is the most pro- life advocate. I KNOW the women have a more say so than any one and if she chooses to get an abortion it is her right and her right to her body. The man has a say so but most men these days do not even take care of their child so they end up having no fathers. There are Statistics to prove more women are single mothers than ever before. And there are just as many babies being born than there are abortions.
    As for religions taking place in this argument…..you only feel religious when it comes to abortion? What about the poor? What about drinking? What about drugs? What about being rude to others? And if one is so religious about having an abortion then why did one have premarital sex in the first place?
    Women are going to have abortions regardless of the law. It has been happening for centuries and it is better to be healthy about it.

  29. Jenah,

    May I ask you a question? Why not kill these babies who are born to “unfit teenage mothers” once they’re born? Based on your logic, wouldn’t that be better for everyone, especially if we don’t want to bring religion into the picture?

    Please let me know your response to this. Also, all of the people I know who are involved in pro-life work are involved in ministry to the mother, the father, and the baby, and if the mother is not able to care for a child, they help provide adoption referrals as well. Plus, many of those in pro-life work seek to help hurting people get whole in every way; they don’t just stand on a street corner and yell at people. They help people.

  30. actually, only .3 % of abortions are because of rape. im doing a report on it for school, (im pro-life) and im 13. i will NEVER get an abortion. have you never heard of adoption?

    hm. because giving the people who want kids and cant have them is just horrible, right?

    letting them live as oppossed to killing them for doing nothing worng is just wrong.

    because it doesn’t matter if you’re pro-life or pro-chioce. either way, the baby dies. argue with that.

    ok, im getting way too into this.

  31. I’m also doing a school report on Abortions/Pro-Life, just like anonymous. From arguments/speculations I have heard in the past,  I’d like to say “A life, is a life, is a life” no matter how the dice roll, all you’ll ever end up with is a murder. According to your info that means 46 billion murders/murderers are only counted up and not taken innto account for. I’m also Pro-life, I have a paper to write and as well as I should be I feel that if people will take the time to stop and read what others have said before them then they’d probably take some of their time to educate the future. Ever think of what would have happened if you were aborted. Well firstly, you wouldn’t be here reading this small comment (yeah right its pretty big) I have taken time to write/type. So if you think abortion is your last hope, just know that it is not. Many, many people are alive and well today because they were not aborted. So, in conclusion if anyone would like to say anything negative about what I’ve said then fire away, see what I care.
    thanks for your time, God bless!!!

  32. well in my opinon i think abortio should be illegal becase y do people go to jail for murdering so y shouldnt all th emoms who aborted go to jail doesnt make sense!!!!:(

  33. Hi, i’m also doing a school project and im in 8th grade.
    First, imagine the world with 46 million more people produced each year. Where would they live? What food would they eat? The earth is over populated as it is, what would we do with 46 million people. The fetuses that have been aborted would have been unhappy, uncared for and under appreciated. The women who choose to have abortions don’t want to kill a child. They want to save a child from a life of potential misery. I won’t argue with people who are pro-life because it is truly a personal decision to follow a religion or set of beliefs. However, similarly, the highly emotional choice of a mother to abort a child is also personal. The church has no right to force their beliefs on other people just because someone wrote it in the bible. ever heard of SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE????

  34. A different opinion,

    I’m so glad you came to our website, and for an 8th grader, it’s great to see that you want to ask some serious questions. I’d like to ask you some questions, OK?

    1) Who told you that the earth is overpopulated? I understand that the earth can easily sustain many more millions of people without the slightest problem, so please let me know your sources for this. Also, America is hardly overpopulated — we have more than enough resources for many more people — and we are talking about 46 million more Americans.

    2) Do you think that the loss of 46 million people here in America could have a bad effect. With so few children born, who will care for the older generation? Who will care for you when you get older?

    3) If a baby is a little human life, does anyone have the right to kill it? If it is wrong to kill an unwanted baby right after it is born, why is it wrong to kill the baby before it is born? Is this just a religious matter, or is a matter of protecting innocent life?

    4) Can you please tell me where our Constitution talks about the separation of church and state? And can you also tell me what the phrase means?

    Answering these questions will help you write a much better paper. Perhaps your teacher would like to get involved in the discussion too!

    Thanks again for coming to our website.

  35. You know it’s so unreal that the statistics show that 98% of abortions are because of personal choice, because some idot had sex and now they don’t want to face the consequences. Why punish an innocent child who can’t even defend it’s self? Think about this what if the child you killed would have grown up to be the doctor who would have found the cure for cancer, what would you have done if you had known that? Ask your self these questions people, don’t just kill an innocent HUMAN BEING because you made the wrong decision. I would never think about having an abortion even though I am only 16. There is a such thing as an adoption, why not give the people who can’t have children a chance to have what they have always wanted. Some people say that they have an abortion because of their religion but God would never want to have a child that could be his killed or murdered for that matter. Where in the Bible does it say to kill a child that is unwanted? Some people might say well it’s not a child yet it’s still developing, but they are very wrong. I believe that once conception takes place there is a child there and it has started to develop. To all you out there who are thinking about abortion, please think before you actually act, give someone else a chance to have their dream.
                   Thank You, Lisa L.

  36. I think it is interesting that a woman cannot choose to take her own life.   She would be put in a psychiatric hospital if she is found attempting suicide, yet she can choose to end the life of her child.  And if that child is born, and she takes its life, she can be imprisoned for life.  Can anyone explain the logic in all of that?  All that changes from pregnancy to birth is the location of the baby.  Nothing else really changes.  The baby sucks its thumb at 6 weeks old in the uterus!!!  It feels pain and even tries to cry as evidenced by ultrasounds done while abortions are performed.   Whether all these murdered babies would have been a boon to our economy or not is not the issue.  Are we any more valuable than these “unwanted” children?

  37. Hi, thanks so much for your response. I would love to answer the questions you have asked.
    1) FACT: the world is overpopulated. This may not be a problem to the privileged people in America. But this world is not only about us. the people in other counties are suffering from overpopulation and are dying because there isn’t enough pure water to go around. It is a fact that our natural resources are running out. we are trampling all over the earth’s surface and unless we build land over the oceans, some day soon, there wont be enough earth to sustain the human race. These facts are from numerous credible sources.
    2) of course the prevention of 46 million lives is terrible. It is awful to take the life of a baby not born. I’m not saying that it isn’t. However, in my opinion, to willingly put the health and happiness of a woman who either had made a mistake by having sex or has been unwillingly impregnated is much, much worse. I just believe that a woman who has been impregnated has the full right to decide the fate of something that she is sacrificing her health and happiness for. It is important to remember that the fetus would die without the mother to support it. and is therefor completely dependent on the mother.
    3) The clump of cells inside of a mother’s womb is not a baby. It is a living organism that could potentially turn into a baby. Killing a baby outside of the womb is wrong only because the baby is capable of living without being attached to another human body. To me, this is what defines the beginning of human life.
    4) As you well know, the separation of church and state means that the government in American is not allowed to force laws upon the citizens because of a government official’s religious views. This is mentioned briefly in article 6 of the constitution. The pilgrims originally came here for religious freedom and even after almost 370 years,we haven’t reached that point. However, this is not 1776. The year is 2010 and America is based on the rights of the citizens and not the rights of the government or the church. We have a right to choose our beliefs even if you think we are wrong. I will not judge you for your words if you will not judge me for mine. I hold the church and you, Dr. Michael Brown in deep respect however, on this point i must disagree with you.
    Thanks so much,
    - A different opinion

  38. what i dont get is why people keep saying “you’re disobeying god, you should go to jail”. If we’re disobeying god, why do u care? it’s our necks. And isn’t forever burning in hell a lot more effective than life in prison? I believe that life is real and god aint.. And hey, if i go to hell, why would you care?

  39. Tommy, People say your disobeying God because you are. God specifically stated in the ten commandments ” Thou shalt not KILL”. Meaning that no one should kill anyone or anything. A baby is a person and by those having abortions they are killing them.  I care because God cares. God loves you even though you don’t think He is real. He knows whats going to happen in your life. The reason you are here today is because He died for your sins and made you whole again. Life in prison isn’t anything like HELL so don’t compare them those who go to prision are the lucky ones. You may believe that life is real and God ain’t but the truth is they both are. Not one of them is not real. I care becuase God loves you and wants to keep you from HELL. He wants you to be with Him in heaven when you die, not in HELL with satan.
                Thanks again, Lisa

  40. wait, if you think the world is overpopulated, try driving across Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon.

    adifferentopinion- hey, we’re the same age! btw, i barely scraped an A on my project. how about yours? but if its not a baby, you’re not pregnant, and it stops a beating heart. so…isn’t it also scientifically proven that stoping a beating heart is dying?

  41. A different opinion,

    Thanks for responding!

    1) Could you please cite some of these alleged credible sources that prove that the world is presently overpopulated? As a professor, I always like to evaluate the evidence firsthand. Also, please explain how, with current birth rates in many countries in Europe and even Asia, the human population can sustain itself.

    2) As Lisa stated, the vast majority of abortions have nothing to do with rape or incest but rather with someone not wanting to deal with their sexual choice. So, you kill the baby in the womb because you chose to have sex without consequences?

    3) A clump of cells? Do you really mean that? Please check out the pictures and videos on this link and then tell me if that remains your position. http://www.abortionno.org/

    4) Thanks for your respectful views and tone, but please understand that, first, the concept of separation of church and state is not found in the constitution and it has been terribly abused the last fifty years; second, I stand against abortion because it is unjust, destructive, and murderous, just as I would stand against slavery or rape or segregation or murder. All of them are wrong. For more on church and state, check out http://www.wallbuilders.com/

    Please watch the material on the link I provided and see if you really want to advocate abortion, and then get back to me with some definitive, scholarly sources. Thanks again for interacting!

  42. adifferentopinion ,

    Just in case you are unable to search through the site about the issue on the separation of church and state, heres the link that wil directly go to the article:


  43. adifferentopinion,

    You mentioned:

    “the baby is capable of living without being attached to another human body. To me, this is what defines the beginning of human life.”

    Do you support late term abortion? Meaning as long as the baby is in the womb at anytime, even a day before the due date to be born, that baby is not considered human being. 

    While the baby is 9 months old in the mothers womb, you would be ok if the doctor used their tools to snap the neck of the unborn? That to you would not be considered taking away the life of the innocent?

  44. Thanks so much for all of your questions. You’ve given me a ton of things to think about. How about when i finish my persuasive arguement, i’ll post it here?
    thanks again :)

  45. i hear a lot of people saying koh the world is already overpopulated etc, but have anyone heard or the cycle of life, we all live to die. yeah if abortion didnt exist there would be a lot more people born. but u also have to take into consideration that a lot of people die everyday for various reasons like natural death, natural disasters, aids, cancer, murder etc. who are we to play god. the world will even itself out on its on we dont need abortionist going aroung killing an innocent person just because they just have been paid to. isnt that like hiring a hitman for an innocent baby. thats nasty. some of yall dnt have any morals or a heart at all.i

  46. oh yeah and i also keep reading these comments about how woman should have a choice so what if they had sex without a condom they should still be able to kill their baby. how about other people who make careless choices, do you feel sympathy for them such as needle sharers who contract aids because they wanted to go get high and not think to be careful, or people who go get pissy drunk and still decide to do drive and kill innocent family members or how about the drug dealers etc who feel that other drug dealers are in their way and decide to shoot up neighborhoods and hit innocent people i guess you have ways of justifying that too, right, weirdos

  47. Babies are supposed to be able to trust their mothers to feed them, keep them healthy, and keep them safe. Abortion is murder!! If the baby has a heart beat, it’s alive you can’t say its not. If a baby isn’t alive in the mother’s womb then we are all dead. A baby has a heart beat inside the womb and we have one outside. If someones heart is not beating they are considered dead., but the baby has a heart beat, so what’s does that mean??? IT”S ALIVE!! It’s a human being!! Even if the mother couldn’t take care of the baby she could have put it up for adoption. They are several women who would love to be able to have a child but can’t. We don’t hate the people we hate the sin.

  48. I am doing a controversial essay for my english class in college and I choose this topic because it really makes me mad. And the statistics that were on this website really helped back up my reason for being against it. (98% unwanted or inconvienent)!! Those women need to have their uterus taken out so they can never have children!

  49. hi my nick name is tim tim and YES i am a teen calling out to EVERYONE. well first off obama yo momma was pro life those stats are just unbarible. i have went to the MArch for Life for 2 years so so far i am 2 for 2 at showing up bc b4 that iwas 2 young i am Pro Life and i am a teen and ABORTION SHOULDNT BE HEATHCARE THATS JUST OBAMA CARE thankyou EVERY1 SHE YOU AT THE MARCH NEXT YEAR

  50. people r stupid, duh.
    dont have an abortion, stupid teenagers.

  51. dear Kendra,
    do you really think people like that should be parents?
    also. in my opinion god is an excuse for people to blame someone else for all the irresponsible things we do.

  52. also i know for a fact that 43% of women get an abortion by the time that they’re 45. be careful what you say about people who get abortions. people you know (maybe even your mother) have gotten abortions.

  53. Great info. Thank you!

  54. It is ridiculous for anyone to support abortion. Supporitng abortion is one of the most hypocritcal things a person can do. For example say “Bob” comes on this site and posts, “Pro-Choice”, how can he say that? What if his mother had chosen not to have him? Then “Bob” would not be alive and able to post such a comment. By saying “Pro-Choice” and living does that mean “Bob” would be okay if he went back in time and his mother decided not to have him? Probably not. Put yourself in “Bob”‘s position. What if your mother decided not to have you, would you be ok with that? If you aren’t ok with that how can you be “Pro-Choice” and not a hypocrite? Think about that before you post a comment. In otherwords if you chose “Pro-Choice” you don’t care whether you are living or dead. 

  55. Who will take care of all these unwanted babies if they had been born?

  56. People who can’t have babies would love to have one but we shouldn’t even have to discuss this! teenagers should wait to have a baby or even have sex until they are married. when someone has an abortion they are being selfish they aren’t thinking about the life that is inside their womb they are only thinking about themselves!!!! they start thinking about others when they don’t have sex and don’t have to have an abortion!! If someone gets pregnant the only way they are being responsible is to take responsibility for what they done and keep the baby and take care of it themselves or give it up for adoption. Teenagers should also remember…They don’t know everything!!
    Kelsey-age 13

  57. Thanks, Kelsey!

    And Jodi, do you know how long the lists are of people waiting to adopt babies? There are more than enough people who would gladly adopt a child rather than let the mother and doctor kill it in the womb.

    And do you think it’s right to kill an unwanted child once it’s born? Then why kill it in the womb?

  58.  This great information and should be a wake up call to the citizens of the United States. Abortion is homocide – period. I know that I read those statistics and learned that only .3% of abortions are due to rape/incest. There is NO excuse for aborting your unborn child. I don’t care of it is an inconvenience to you at this point on your life, whether you are 17 or 47, the point is – you chose to concieve.

  59. Everyone should just mind there own buisness. No one know’s what happens to those unwanted babies, because no one know’s what happens after you die. Maybe  the babies go to families that need babies and they’re being saved from a horrible life.

  60. also people shouldn’t be so concerned with the economy and abortions, i see in no way how they relate at all.

  61. First of all, what happens to the unwanted babies ……
    If they are unwanted and aborted they go in a trash can

    After you die…….
    if you’re saved you go to Heaven
    If you’re lost you’ll eternally burn in a lake of fire.

    they do relate……

    Whatever happened to a mother’s joy when she holds the baby in her arms for the first time and she loved the baby. Where did all of that go?? Is that so wrong?? A mother endures the pain of her labor for that little baby which makes her love the baby even more. It’s always been said that there’s no love greater than a mother’s.

  62. Wow! This is so sad! I can’t not imagine going through life knowing that I killed an innocent little child. Children are a gift from God no matter what the circumstances are whether it be from a rape or unprotected sex. If you do not want the child at least give it up for an open adoption. Just don’t kill it! One of the Ten Commandments say that we shall not kill. And look at how many women kill a baby…..about 1 every 2 seconds! This is really informative and thank you!! I’m praying for this country. I know that each and every one of those babies are in a better place (Heaven) with the Lord Jesus Christ! God Bless =)

  63. I don’t believe unwanted babies go in the trash can, sure their bodies do, but not their spirits, I believe they go into another babies body. And wouldn’t it be better for a baby to be taken care of somewhere else then mistreated?

    and no one has proved the existence of heaven, and if heaven does exist, which no one know’s if it actually does, isn’t heaven a good place? so they are better of there then this messed up world.
    Those children didn’t do anything wrong so if they were aborted they wouldn’t go to the lake of fire or whatever they would go to a better place.

    There is no love greater then a mother’s. but not all mother’s want to love. The babies are better of. trust me.

  64. don’t think of it as killing. Think of it as sending them to a better place.

  65. there is such a place called Heaven. There is so much proof that the Bible is right. And yes, babies do go to heaven (which is the better place) because they are not even born yet. The only exceptions for going to heaven besides believing in Christ is that 1, the newborn babies and 2, the children who are not old enough to understand and believe who God is, what He did for us, etc. Babies are innocent so they do go straight to Heaven to be with Jesus =)

  66. what about good people who are athiest? or jewish? where do they go?

  67. It’s not about good people….. it’s about having Jesus Christ as your Saviour or rejecting Him. Going to Heaven or Hell has nothing to do about being a good person. No one is necessarily a good person. We have ALL sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Jesus Christ going to the cross is the payment for our sin if you believe in Him. You can’t ever do anything good enough to pay for all the sin and wrong you have done. Everyone has to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to get to Heaven if you don’t you go to Hell. Because you are telling God that you don’t need His payment you can pay for it yourself when really you can’t. Jesus has already paid for it you just have to accept the payment…….It’s so simple..

  68. Five to six weeks (which is where you officially find out you are pregnant) the baby has a heart beat,so therefore it is a living being. Abortion is killing an innocent baby from a mistake you made. And many people question about what if you get raped? Well the percentage of that from the website page is .3%. So there is hardly any chance that you will get pregnant from that. Worldwide, 46 million babies are being aborted, that’s totally horrendous. Maybe the baby that gets aborted could have changed the world. People try to say how come God hasn’t given us the cure for cancer. What if he did, but that was a baby who was being aborted. Abortion is totally murderous, and any woman who has the guts to kill and unborn LIVING child has no love for anything. Stand up for what we believe in and say NO to abortion.

  69. AMEN CIERRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. no one know’s if  heaven exists. It’s kind of a figment of our imagination. I’m not bashing it or anything but no one know’s if it’s really there or not.

  71. Alex,

    I had to delete your other comment.  We have a strict “no profanity” rule here: http://voiceofrevolution.askdrbrown.org/commenting/

    Marcus French
    Editor: Voice of Revolution

  72. hey alex guess what! if you get raped, then its not your fault! you’ve done nothing wrong by being raped and its not something you can control.

    but i guess you’re forgetting that even in rape, the baby is still half the womens, giving her a full choice on what happens to HER CHILD! even though being raped is horrible, you couldn’t stop it.

    but, you can choose abortion. choosing abortion is a sin, but being raped is different because you’ve done nothing wrong.

    being raped then choosing abortion is a bad choice on top a horrible experience.

    alex, i’d like to be a firefighter or a journalist someday. my backup plan is being lawyer.
    that said, i have plenty of experience on fighting for what i want, and arguing in what i believe in. so please, feel free to contradict me.

  73. No one does know if heaven really exist, but that is where faith comes in! We walk by faith not by site =) It is a hard thing to understand and no one fully understands who God is, why He has done what He has done, and what will happen in the future. The Bible does tell us that we will be judged and thrown into the burning pits of Hell for eternity if we do not turn to God and believe in Him and follow His word. But by faith, we know that there is a heaven waiting for us! =)

  74. Rachel- I respect your opinion and like what you’re saying.

    Dear Anonymous,
    Yes rape is horrible and can’t be stopped. But a sin? there are so many things that are sins, and who decides there sins, god? god is not ruler of all? why does he get to make all the rules? Sin has no definition it’s an independent decision, and if you ever do become a “lawyer” you should know right to privacy is one of the ammendments. So I would do a little bit more research. So anonymous have you ever commited a so called “sin” you know the word sins sounds a lot like the word mistake. Except choosing what’s best for your child isn’t a mistake.

    How’s that for a contradiction  “anonymous” ?

  75. I am not for sure which side ya’ll are on  but sin is doing something wrong. It’s sin because it’s wrong not because God said. God gets to make all the rules because He created human and He created the earth…”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7
    Maybe there is needed privacy but if you do something wrong like kill a baby then what does privacy have to do with the life that you just ended. Your baby could have been the next President, Preacher, or just a regular person who helped make the difference in someones life.
    When you take the life of that baby, you miss out and take much more than your realize and more that you could have had. You were wrong for doing it and just because you did it doesn’t mean we hate you, we just hate the sin that you committed. We may not understand your decision to do it, but I personally would still love you anyways and in other kind of decent human being would do the same.

  76. bhaha, alex. i can answer this all.

    first of all, yes to just about everything you said. but God doesnt have anything to do with it?! except, yes God decides your sins because He is God and He is the Supreme Ruler. what higher title is there than God? There’s not! thats all there is. but this isn’t a religious debate, and my religious beliefs arent a big part of this so…

    dictionary.com classifies ‘sin’ as a noun and a verb. allow me to introduce the web, where dictionary.com is an accurate source, giving medical, technical, religious, etc. definitions of almost every word. this is not classified as a religious word. so, here it is:

    1.transgression of divine law: the sin of Adam.
    2.any act regarded as such a transgression, esp. a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.
    3.any reprehensible or regrettable action, behavior, lapse, etc.; great fault or offense: It’s a sin to waste time.

    –verb (used without object)
    4.to commit a sinful act.
    5.to offend against a principle, standard, etc.

    –verb (used with object)
    6. to commit or perform sinfully: He sinned his crimes without compunction.
    7. to bring, drive, etc., by sinning: He sinned his soul to perdition.

    the Scholastic Children’s Dictionary definition classifies sin as a noun, “bad or evil behavior that goes against moral and religious laws.” it classifies mistake as a noun, “an error or misunderstanding,” or a verb, ” to believe something or someone is another.”

    Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines sin as “an offense against religious or moral law,” or “an action that is or is felt to be highly reprehensible.” (reprehensible–adjective-

    deserving of reproof, rebuke, or censure; blameworthy.) Webster defines mistake as “to blunder  in choice of” or”to make a wrong judgment in the character or ability of.”

    according to http://www.lifesitenews.com/ldn/2005/may/050518a.html, teenage girls are 10 times more likely to attempt suicide after abortion, that 60 percent of women consider suicide, and 28 percent attempt it post-abortion. Reardon also documents that post-abortion women are almost four times more likely to engage in substance abuse. This data was taken off a site called AfterAbortion. (Dr. Reardon’s web-site, http://afterabortion.org/)

    another study shows that there are extreme side affects to having an abortion, including: <!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:”Cambria Math”; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:roman; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:-1610611985 1107304683 0 0 159 0;} @font-face {font-family:Calibri; panose-1:2 15 5 2 2 2 4 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:swiss; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:-1610611985 1073750139 0 0 159 0;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-unhide:no; mso-style-qformat:yes; mso-style-parent:””; margin-top:0in; margin-right:0in; margin-bottom:10.0pt; margin-left:0in; line-height:115%; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:11.0pt; font-family:”Calibri”,”sans-serif”; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;} .MsoChpDefault {mso-style-type:export-only; mso-default-props:yes; font-size:10.0pt; mso-ansi-font-size:10.0pt; mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-fareast-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri;} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.0in 1.0in 1.0in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} –>

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    depression and thoughts of suicide, sad mood, sudden and uncontrollable crying, deterioration of self-esteem, reduced motivation, thoughts of suicide, “Anniversary Syndrome” (An increase of symptoms around the time of the anniversary of the abortion and/or the due date of the aborted child.), re-experiencing the abortion, survival guilt: …the decision boiled down to a sorrowful conclusion: “It’s me or you, and I choose me.”, development of eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, other self-punishing or self-degrading behaviors: abusive relationships, promiscuity, failing to take care of yourself medically or deliberately hurting yourself emotionally and/or physically, the list goes on and on.

    the right to privacy was only added for the abortion debate, learn your facts. the right to privacy does NOT include the license to KILL. was it privacy when you opened your body to a man? uh, no. we have the right to privacy and also the right to be responsible for our actions!

    also, sin and mistake dont sound alike! 

    yes, because denying anyone the chance to live is definitely choosing the right path. okay, mhmm. why is lawyer in quotes?

    its long, but whatever.

  77. that came out all wrong. ignore all the funky stuff, i used a direct hyperlink.

  78. it’s an embryo not a baby so it’s not killing.

  79. Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.  Could you go to this site: http://www.abortionno.org/
    And let us know if you still think it’s not a baby?


    – Marcus

  80. Why does the economy have anything to do with killing babies?  I believe that adoption is the way to go.  I am adopted myself, and I am extremely happy that I wasn’t killed.  Adoption has given me life and I can use this life given to me in so many ways!  Abortion is MURDER.  If you ask me, killing someone is wrong, so why do that to an innocent baby and rob that child of his or her life?

  81. I wish people could separate the religious arguments from the ethical ones: I am a prolife atheist who believes that the correct ways to discourage abortion are as follows:

    1) More sex education and contraception advice, particularly, these should have improved accessibility in areas where there are faith schools. Often abortion is a way for girls from religious families to disguise that they have been sexually active.
    2) Young people should be encouraged to talk about potential consequences of sex with their partner BEFORE sleeping together. In this way, an agreement can be reached whereby both partners are responsible for the outcome. Many abortions seem to be the consequence of poor choices and panic.

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    Why can’t more people separate religious arguments from ethical and spiritual ones? I am a prolife atheist who believes that the most effective and sensible ways to discourage what is essentially murder whilst preventing accidental death are as follows (and it really is a shame that my views are seldom held by others because fewer lives would be lost)
    1) Greater accessibility to contraceptive (yes that’s right, even the emergency kind) services and sex education, particularly in areas where there are faith schools. Often (and I speak from personal experience of a former classmate who did this) abortion results from girls wanting to disguise any sexual activity from their religious families. There is a big difference between the morning-after pill and abortion. Given that teenagers will always do as they please, which would you prefer young people to do? Kill a being, or prevent one from developing?
    2) Sex education should include lessons on how to talk to your partner seriously about not only contraceptive methods, but what would be the procedure should these fail. More often than not, because of the culture we live in, young people do not think this through before deciding to sleep together, and later agonisingly consider seeking abortion due to the sudden panic when this is not in their best interests long-term.
    3) Create a culture in which single mothers are neither vilified nor persecuted for their courageous and self-sacrificing lifestyle.
    4) Create refuges for pregnant women fleeing either pressure from partners to abort or their families if there is abuse or religious fundamentalism.
    5) Make daycare free to girls who continue their education.
    6) Put contraceptive services in locations near to children’s homes so that this can serve as not only a reminder about responsible sex, but so that girls are also aware that abortion is not their only choice and that the “inconvenient” are still people.
    Sadly, none of this will ever happen because it costs money and requires people to open their minds. Thus, unwanted lives will continue to be created needlessly and then destroyed in a chorus of prejudice. P.S. I wish people would stop using child abuse as a justification for abortion. I was unwanted as a child, and physically abused, but now that I am an adult, I am very grateful to be here thank you. As for rape and incest pregnancies, will an abortion make the horror of what happened go away? Of course it won’t. If anything it will probably multiply the disturbing experience. The child’s love and respect for mum could even help to heal some of that terrible pain. Not that the government or our greedy capitalist society want you to know this because abortion is really encouraged as a way for taxpayers and the elite to cut corners on supporting low-income families. Eugenics/social cleansing, much?

  83. I know that this website is for abortion, but I’ll talk about my god any day!  How could you not believe in such a wonderful god?!?!!?!? Its like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it. So you believe in it right? You cannot see an atom because they are way too small to even see in a microscope, but you still believe that we have them right? His love is something that we cannot see, but WE CAN feel it! His power is so strong that it is uncontainable. Jesus wants us to know His love and grace and know Him personally so we can go to heaven and live with Him forever!. And there is so much evidence that Jesus Christ is real and existed!!!! <3

  84. AMEN RACHEL!!!!

  85. Thanks Kelsey =) Always proud of talking about our Jesus =)

  86. Just wanted to say for any pro-choice…if you don’t want a baby get on birth control. It is free at most clinics based on income. There are many different options. Also, after unprotected sex there is always Plan B. It may cost, but not as much as abortion…

  87. Stop forcing all of your religious views on people. Abortion is the mother’s decision. Not everyone believes in your “God”. (Comment 39) Quit saying he is real and he is out there. I’ll believe it once you can prove it to me. There is absolutely no proof of his existence.

  88. unknown,

    Actually, there is massive proof for God’s existence, and if you’re genuinely interested in the truth, we can point you to excellent sources.

    May I ask you, however, if you feel that slavery was wrong in America? Ultimately, it was religious people who fought to see it overthrown. Was this wrong?

    What if someone want to kill all atheists in America, and I stood up and defended you, since the Bible said that murder was wrong? Should I be faulted for that?

    Putting these questions aside, what makes you think that we oppose abortion for religious reasons only? Do you understand the humanity of the baby in the womb? Do you care about protecting innocent life?

  89. It is not all about God, but God is a big part of it.. Since God has nothing to do with it you can still say that you are killing an innocent child for a mistake you made. You are taking the life of someone still with or without God. On the other side at the Judgment Seat God will judge you for what you did, no matter what situation you are in..
    God is Everywhere!! God has saved you from being in car accidents and other things that you may not have noticed or thanked him for. To have faith is to believe in something. You can’t see the wind but you know it’s there…You can’t always see God physically but you know He’s always there!
    I personally know a young lady who can’t walk and  is in a wheel chair…When her mom was pregnant with her, the doctor wanted her to have an abortion because she wouldn’t be able to walk…Her parents didn’t not do that now and she is a beautiful lady! She has the smile and faithfulness that a lot of us need! She is such a Blessing! But what if her parents hadn’t have had her there would be an emptiness in my life. And although she has back pain and other problems, she still deserves to be here no matter what! Her parents decided it was ok to have a child that was different physically and now she has changed the lives of people!
    That’s all I have to say..(for now)

  90. Ok….comment 87. Have you ever researched Christianity and where it came from? There is so much evidence that Jesus Christ is real. It may be hard to find because physical proof is in other places such as Isrial, Bethlehem, and other countries that I am not sure of. If you do your research right, you will find that Christianity has all the right answers and that every other religion is wrong. There is no physical evidence that any other religion is true.

  91. ohkay so first off, if you are sleeping around, use a condom or some other form of birth-control. keep your legs closed and you wouldnt have to worry about getting pregnant, and yes woman do get rapped and the mothers could die, but unless there is a 100% reason why you cant have the baby and atlease put him/her up for adoption, hello common since… ugh that irritates me!!!

  92. Dear Marcus French,
     you disgust me. Anyone who looked stuff up like
     that needs to find a different hobby. How old are you?
    I’m only fourteen and I have more knowledge and better things to do
    then you.

  93. Dear Unknown,
     Thank you! I agree with you 100%
    all of you are niave brainless people!
    there are other things going on, how about
    we focus on the living? how about the children
    who are dying in third world countries, or are abused?
    they are so much more important this.

  94. alex, chill the heck out.
    yes, because the ones that are murdered are less important then those living? get your head out of the gutter.

  95. anonymous,
     if you freaks can force religion on me, I can force my opinion on you. And you would like me to “chill out” maybe you should watch that video clip.

  96. oh and how is my head in the gutter? maybe you can explain it to me.

  97. Alex,

    As is stated on the abortionno.org website: Don’t hate the messenger… hate the injustice.

    – Marcus

  98. show of hands- who forced their religion on alex?

    didn’t anyone ever tell you to play nice? k, well i am now. stop being RUDE. btw- you’re not gonna change my mind. im a teenage girl, im very opinionated, and like i said- i dont loose arguments.

    nah, i know what abortion is. i know its bad. but thanks! im sure you meant well. i dont watch murder.

  99. many of these women would not need an abortionif they havent been raped or sleeping around and if that would of happened they wouldnt be having this child anyway. so whats wronggetting an abortion for a baby that shouldnt be there any way?

  100. [...] http://voiceofrevolution.askdrbrown.org/2009/01/18/abortion-statistics/ [...]

  101. that’s their mistake but why should they be able to kill or murder an innocent baby…Abortion is selfish as Peter has just proved because they are not thinking about the innocent baby but themselves and what is best for them!!! This makes me SOOO MADD!!! Why can’t people understand that?

  102. You want to know why people talk about Christianity? It’s because people care about other people. Those who don’t listen to us Christians are being stubborn. We try to show love towards other and they just blow us off. So do not say that we are the rude ones, we are just trying to show you love and lead you to salvation. You are sending your own self to Hell (which is sad because non-believers think that there is no Hell, and there is!!!) God wants to give you that love. That is why we are here, to hear His word and share His love to others so that they may believe and be saved for eternity. Here is a question for you, why wouldn’t you want to live forever? What do you have to loose? Hhmmmm??

  103. Peter, what is wrong with getting an abortion? It’s killing an innocent life. That is God’s creation. What if you were aborted? You wouldn’t be here and making an impact on other lives would you. If that baby would have been born, he/she could have been the next President, the next person to find a cure for cancer, but no. Someone had to kill him/her. Yes it is sad that women get raped and I cry for those women, but there is something called, Adoption! If you do not want to have the baby, you do not have to take care of it. Give it to someone who can’t have children but wants one. Women need to stop being selfish and do what is right and give that baby life no matter how they got pregnant. It is a child and women should have the decency and love to give that child life  =)

  104. what if the mother will die giving birth if the baby is not aborted?  what would you do then?

  105. what if also the mother is only thirteen and the baby is mentaly handicap?

  106. There is no reason why you should kill an innocent child just because they will be handicap. There are hundreds upon thousands of handicap people in our world and they are the sweetest people and they deserve to live just like any other human being. Just because the child isn’t born with the full development like most people doesn’t mean you should kill it. AND THAT GIRL SHOULDN’T EVEN BE HAVING SEX AT THAT AGE ANYWAYS! THAT IS HER FAULT AND SHE NEEDS TO LIVE WITH THE CHOICES THAT SHE MAKES!!!!!

    And for the situation of the mother dying, that would be a hard decision to make. I have heard of many situations were that has happened and the mother has survived, died, and visa versa. It is a very hard decision and I don’t know what I would do. Either way, the Lord forgives the sins of that woman. That is the beauty of Jesus Christ =) He loves you no matter what you have said or done. And I am not going to judge that woman. If her life is in danger then that is under a different circumstance and a very hard decision would be made.

  107. st. gianna gave up her life for her baby’s. look her up!

  108. wouldnt we also be killing a life if we let the mother die? why should the baby get priority over the mother? the babys life is not innocent as soon as it enters this world due to adams seed so they both are just as sinfull as the other. why not let the mother live so she cant tell others of her mistake and warn them so it may reducce the # of situations like this. im playing the devils advicite here i believe abortion is wrong and needs to be stopped im also a christian but there are alot of people who arnt who have qs like this that get blown off because of their lack of faith. im just trying to get these anwsered.

  109. one of my close freinds has been pressured into having sex and is now stuck with the decision if this baby wich would kill her should be aborted or not. why as you called me before calling the mother sellfish when all she is doing is worried about her life! her life is just as precious as the babys… why then are you trying to say we should lay down our life for only one other as christ did. she is not perfect and i know you arnt so why are you expecting a perfect decision only christ could make! this is whats sad we should help them understand not say this is how it should be so follow it.

  110. Peter, why are you so sure that the baby would kill your friend? We all agree that choices have to be made when a pregnancy or delivery could literally kill the mother, and so it’s a matter of figuring out which life to save in that case. But that has nothing to do with 99.99% of abortions, as you probably know.

    So, please explain how the doctors know with complete certainty that your friend’s pregnancy would physically kill her. That will help others here to respond to you more accurately, OK?

  111. Yes all people have sinned, but who’s fought is it that the baby was aborted or the woman was impregnated…HERS!!! not the baby’s but HERS and THE FATHERS That’s what I mean by the baby being innocent….If that baby is aborted I am pretty sure the only thing they are going to be telling is how it was their fought and how they were sorry they aborted the baby!

  112. Dr. Brown and Marcus French, I understand where you are coming from entirely.  After research I’m still undecided on the issue.  However, I DO have a problem with referring an EIGHTH grader to a website like abortionno.org.  Just because they have a different opinion than you doesn’t mean you need to show a middle schooler a graphic video like that.  I understand that you aren’t forcing them to watch it, but they couldn’t have known that was about to be shown.

  113. What’s the opposite of Pro-life ? Is it Pro-choice ? I would think it would be Anti-Life. But Pro-choice sounds better.

  114. Unknown,

    I wasn’t aware the person I recommended go to abortionno.org was that young, or I would have abstained from directing them to that link (not because of the abortion itself, but for other obvious reasons). 

    That being said, I did add a disclaimer a while ago to my editor’s note in the article directing people to the site to make clear what would be shown there.  Let me know if you have any further thoughts on making sure people know what they’re getting into when they click the link.

    Setting aside the underage viewership issue, what were your thoughts on the video on the site? If you found it to be legitimate (note the statements from the photographer and the abortionist), did it have an effect on your thinking on the subject?

  115. In the Reasons for Abortions, does the 98% include miscarriages and premature births that do not result in live infants?

    I am doing a persuasive essay and would like to know this information.

  116. I saw the disclaimer after going to the website. I think if it were a bit more noticeable more people would see it.

    The video didn’t really change my view, it enhanced it.  After writing my paper on abortion I found myself going against what I’d previously thought.  I now am strongly against abortion aside from ONE exception.  I know it isn’t an exact science pinning whether the mother would or wouldn’t die in child birth.  But, I think if the risk is high, the mother’s safety should come first.  The video pretty much confirmed my newfound view.

  117. Dear anonymous comment #98,
           i am a teenage girl justl like, you and there’s one arguement your going to lose it’s this one. Here’s the thing being against abortion is an opinion not a fact, if all you can say when i say i’m pro choice is a fact about religion or christianity that is not a fact you don’t have any evidence what happens, so to say they die it’s different because it’s not a living breathing organism and if it was death is a natural part of life, sure if you got shot in the face i’d feel bad but it’s part of your life cycle. Some people just weren’t meant to come into this world.

    so just try me anonymous comment #98 because I love easy competititon.

  118. oops i mean comment #99 sorry marcus

  119. I’m Doing My Research Paper On Abortion, And Honestly I Think It’s Really Wrong. Even If It’s A Mistake. Maybe I Say This Because I’m Young But I Would Never Get My Baby Aborted!
    Btw, I’m 14<3

  120. H3y I<3Babies here! I’m working on my project for 7th Grade. I feel that everything happens for a reason. God gave women babies for a reason whether it be for joy or carma. i don’t know or care if you realize this or not but abortion kills. People go to jail for stuff like robbing banks, kidnapping, and murder. Doesn’t abortion fall under murder?!? Well think of it this way for all you people trying to make abortion seem okay… most of you have held a baby before or heard a baby learn to talk or learn to walk. Kill this baby now and he/she will never know what it feels like to be loved, They will never be able to love anybody else. I’m sure you know what it feels like to be hated  but while that baby is in your belly, the baby learns to love you first. You kill that baby, they will hate you forever and I don’t blame them. At least if you put the baby up for adoption they will definatley have a family more loving than 10 of you. I hate it when people say I did it for their own good. Killing a person, especiallly somebody who did nothing wrong( in this case didn’t have a chance to do anything right) helps nobody.When you put the needle iin that baby’s head think about what the baby feels. Emotionally and physically. Emotionally: What did I do wrong? Mommy, I thought you loved me? What is this abortion thing you keep talking about. Mommy, I kicked for the 1st time… are you proud? Mommy, the doctor is talking about abortion again, I’m scared,will you protect me? Mommy, what is this?IT BURNS!!!!!! Well, I learned what abortion is mommy, I’m in a new place now but I felt better in your tummy. Don’t worry I’m in God’s hands now… He will keep me safe. I let God take your place. Mommy, I have a question, why did you do this to me? i thought you loved me. Obviouslly you hate me, I guess the feeling is equal. Goodbye, Forever.Now think about it.  ;(

  121. okay, i think this info is very helpful. but for all the comments saying that abortion is wrong, o my god, just shut up! you know what, it should be the mother’s choice! and what if the fetus is going to die anyway? y have it just to watch it be taken away and never seen again? why got through the pain? rape. lots of people get raped, some get pregnant, y have a rapists baby? insest. you know how many problems that child would have? lot! y go through THAT pain?

  122. Im writing a school report on abortions and your site helps so much help,,

  123. Im doing reaserch on a speech about abortions for my AVID class. I am 16, and this is the first time i have seen statistics about abortion. With such great numbers in abortion deaths you would think that MTV or VH1 would have comercials notifying the young viewers about these dramatic statistics, along with their “its a thin line between him and the whole school” and “i wouldnt ruin my life by haveing a baby” comercials. I believe that yes alot of us young teens do not take the responsibility of haveing protected sex, and arent responsible to deal with the consequences, but how are we supposed to know it we dont see any of this around us. In health class i learned about sex and drugs, not to have sex or if i do be protected, but wat about options? what about the parents who decide not to let their children be open with them?
    I believe that accidents do happen, even if u take all the procoutions. I also believe that it is a womans or girls decision to do what she wants with her life. Yet, it is wrong to b careless about you do knowing there is an easy way out.
    As a 16 year old i have many goals in life and a baby does not fit into it. My mother has told me that she had an abortion 2 monthes before they found out she was pregnate with me. She described the sickness and nightmares she had after. Therefore, i know that when i am ready to have sex I can go to my mom to make sure im being protected against pregnacy. Also, that i can go to her for the options if an accident occurs, but never would my option be abortion.
    “If you are ‘responsible’ enough to have unprtected sex, then u should b reasponsible enough to take care of a child!”

  124. im 16 and im getting abortion if it turns out that i am pregnant. its easy to think about something and form logical opinions and make yourself empathetic to a cause you know nothing about..thats easy…i do that everyday when i turn on the news. its another thing to experience something…its a whole other thing. you people who have had no experience with abortion shouldnt have such strong opinions, no matter how much you think you know. the one comment i hate the most is “you get what you deserve if you have sex”. sometimes you live your life and things happen and people put this responsibility of their idea of morality on your shoulders. i had sex with a guy that i hate. he wore a condom. but i still believe i might be pregnant. ive been severly depressed and confused for 4 years with no friends or people to support me. i dont really feel like i had sex and got a baby. i feel like i was unlucky or punished and got a disease. i do feel somewhat bad about getting an abortion. but thats for my own personal reasons and not from the shared morality of the masses. i was once a baby i still fill like a baby and i feel like im dying.

  125. Jordan, My heart breaks for you.  But my heart also breaks for your baby, if you are pregnant.  Have you thought that you could put a baby up for adoption?  There are many people who would love your baby and then you wouldn’t have to always feel like you took the life of your child.  I know it seems impossible to go through a pregnancy and have to give 9 months of your life to allowing your baby a chance to live.  But you are young and you don’t know how an abortion will affect you for the rest of your life.  There is not only a baby that loses its life, but you lose a part of yourself.  I will be praying that you make the right decision and that from now on you will have the strength to resist having sex with anyone, other than your husband, when that day comes.  God had a reason for telling us to first have a marriage and then have a child.  He loves us and wants us to be whole and healthy in Him.  God bless you.

  126. I have always been pro life. But when I watched that video that marcus french put the link up for. Wow I cried. It was a slaughter. Those poor babies!

  127. alex;
    live and let live.

  128. EXACTLY!  LET LIVE!! Do you know that a woman does not have the right to take her own life?  If she tries to commit suicide she will be taken to a psychiatric ward.  But she has the CHOICE to allow her child to live or die??? That doesn’t even make sense!

  129. why did you write that black and hispanics have a higher rates that non hispanics white women if it shows on the pie graph that 41% of the abortion are from white women?

  130. The ironic thing or maybe sad thing about the statistics given for African-Americans having abortions is that Planned Parenthood was originally started by Margaret Sanger to eradicate black people and that is exactly what is happening. I’m guessing most black people don’t realize this, especially the women who go to get the abortions. It’s amazing that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are always speaking on black rights haven’t addressed this. It’s essentially genocide by Planned Parenthood and the government who makes our laws.

  131. Dr., you keep telling people to give you evidence that the world is overpopulated how about  you tell me how it is not.  Would we rather have babies born into unstable households that will not be able to give them a life worth living or have an abortion. Lets be real we need to focus on the living, the people who are living unstable and tragic lives spend your time arguing for their wellbeing not the unborn.And comment 93, AMEN!! people have their own opinions. oh,  and another thing, if you want your facts trusted and heard DON’T PUT THEM ON BIASED SITES.

  132. #131  Your argument presupposes that humanity or its governments of this Age are all knowing, all seeing, and all understanding enough to make decision which will work out for the best for the large population to which you give considerable negative energy.  Believers in Jesus the Christ hold that no man is so wise as to chose who should live or die based on his understanding alone. 

    Hitler believed in his ways developing a “perfect man”, and was blind to his own self consciousness begatting evil and chaos for everyman under his grasp.  Moral and ethical decisions about who should live or die are left in the hands of almighty God and his Christ.  Were this present life in the flesh the only hope of life held dear in human hearts, we might have to form such decisions corporately over the span of history.  But taking such a position now, or in prior human events, woudl be short sighted as to bending one’s own knee to a compassionate and omniscnet Father God.

    When Michael Brown argues for the unborn having the right to live, he argues for life itself, for a dulture embraceing life itself, and for trust in a redemptive God bearing the facts of life itself.  One must detach from such feelings of frustration as you share, above, and refocus on the probability, possibility, and perseverance of life having an author who makes interventions with us beyond our comprehension.

    I would venture to say that “anonymousish”, no. 131 has not known much of love, or of caring for others, nor of the servant Way of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Read of Him, learn of Him, discover Him to understand why Michael Brown does what he does, as an appointed Eagle perched on the walls of human existence. Hear the Son of God’s words, turn over every stone of objection, until the solid ground of care which He extends to you is of your own acquaintance.  His living Spirit can regenerate your heart, if requested.

  133. [...] Abortion Some popular questions that frequently asked is that, should I give birth to my baby even if I was rape? Should I bring a baby to this world if I know that I will not be able to take care of that baby? And many more…  according to voice of revolution website, they reported annually, 46 million babies die from abortion worldwide. That’s approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds. Now think about it, if we were to kill one born baby every two second, what a major problems it would be. Well, it is a major problem when every two second, one unborn baby is aborted. I truly think that people make all kinds of excuses to abort a baby, however, what if your mother had decided to abort you due to all these circumstances that you can think of. The answer will probably be! You will not be alive today. On that case, think about you that is here and how you are surviving living in this world, thanks to your mother decided to have you.   One of the worst things that can happen to women is to get rape.  According to hope of healing, here is a special story that might help you with that question, “I remember sitting there at Planned Parenthood as they told me I was going to have a baby, them telling me that I didn’t have to have it, that I could abort it. I remember thinking, I can’t die now, I have to take care of my baby. Not that animal’s, but MINE. It was my baby and I would take care of it. So I pulled myself together, walled up the unpleasant memories, and prepared my life for my baby. The first time I felt him move, there was such joy in my heart, all the pain was forgotten for a time. Those that knew the story kept asking me how I could bare to give birth to that animal’s child. Someone from my church even went so far as to tell me it was the “spawn of the devil.” I never felt that way, not for an instant. My baby was a precious gift to me from My Heavenly Father. As the time grew closer for me to deliver there was a lot of pressure put on me from people outside my family to give it up. My mom was great, she supported me and wanted the baby as much as I did. My brothers, while angry at the circumstances that brought my pregnancy about, eagerly awaited the birth.” For the entire story, refer to the second link bellow. It is really not a fair excuse to kill an innocent baby just because you got rape. Getting rape is already one terrible pain that happen to you and you will remember it for the rest of your life. Why adding another guilt on top of your pain? Able to carry a baby and give birth to a baby is a privilege and a gift from God. Getting rape is just a terrible thing that happens to you which have nothing to do with giving birth to your baby.  http://voiceofrevolution.askdrbrown.org/2009/01/18/abortion-statistics/http://www.hopeforhealing.org/preg.html  [...]

    You are ending a human life.
    It’s murder.
    Makes you think, doesn’t it?
    I’m PRO-LIFE and proud of it.
    God Bless.

  135. i think abortion is wrong no matter if you get rapped or dont want the babie abortion is murder

  136. i agree with life

  137. Hello friends:)
    hope you missed me, sorry for my absence. Back to point of abortion, Pro-Choice. The rule is in the title, Pro-Choice, it is a choice, what you do with your life is no ones business but your own. If an individual believes it is best for them and the wellness of there embryo it is up to them. Why ruin two lives? For those who oppose, please don’t shove the bible in my face for that is not a reliable source. Concerning the issue of “murder” A person is a spirit with the body as a shell, your body stops working but your spirit lives on, sheds its shell and moves on to another costume that fits.

  138. I am a Bible believer, but since you asked I won’t use it in this reply.(but it IS a reliable source) First of all, it’s a baby. Another person’s life. The only way two ruin both lives is to murder one and then the mother being left with all the after thoughts of what she has done.
    and about the spirit thing, you’re saying if a person dies another person get their spirit?? so who spirit did you get?? that part doesn’t even make sense to me…
    It is your choice, but it’s their business and the baby’s business or more like their life.. Their choice is someone’s life. People do make mistakes like having sex before marriage but why make two in a row. Those babies, even though in the womb, ARE brutally murdered. People go to jail for killing a bald eagle, but yet a woman can make the decision to kill a BABY and it’s just a spirit or embryo! HA! The law makes tons of sense to me(NOT)!

  139. When you die, it’s simply your shell decomposing but you move on and start life somewhere else. Are you really saying sex is never a mistake? what if an innocent little girl is walking home and is attacked? why should she have to burden a child if she had no control over the situation? The thing was abortion is you do have control and you are capable of making your own decisions, that’s why it’s legal

  140. I know what you’re saying about the shell decomposing, that I agree with, but what I am wondering is are you saying Eve’s spirit is still around here in someone’s shell?? or Abraham Lincoln?
    I am saying no one should have sex til after marriage.(PERIOD)
    Do you really know how many pregnancies come after someone has been raped? It’s practically non-existent…but it happens very rarely. When it happens this girl could give it up for adoption, why turn to killing another human being? Why can’t some people turn something bad into something good? Yes, it was horrible that the girl was attacked! and she will live with thoughts of that forever but why should she put the burden on herself of having killed a baby??
    I am capable of making my decision of killing a bald eagle too, but that does not make it legal! An animal does not have a soul like a person. That being said Why doesn’t a person have control over what happens to them? Why doesn’t the baby have any control of what happens to him/her? BECAUSE they are in the womb of a young woman, and the woman is supposed to make the choice that’s right for not only them but most importantly what’s right for the baby.
    Abortion is a selfish choice, no matter what the circumstance.

  141. I like this web blog very much so much fantastic info .

  142. According to Evolution, a species primary function is to reproduce, so why are humans stopping their own species from reproducing? Also a women’s basic and most traditional function is to have children and care for them. Women who have abortions are destroying their own cousciousness by killing their young and slicing the bonds of their maternal instincts. I don’t really know what it is like to make that descision and I will never know.
    Children should be the most important achievement in a parents life, because after they die, their knowledge, experience, and love will be carried by another human-being who will impart that knowledge to another. A child is not a burden.       

  143. I’m always shocked by the amount of people who care soooo much about a so called “baby” that’s not even close to being sentient while giving no thought at all to the woman who would have to be responsible for it’s well being for at least eighteen years.  I’ve never been an unwed pregnant teenager and I’ve never lived in poverty, but I do have something called empathy, which means I can sympathize with and understand situations that I have never been in.  I can imagine the desperation they must feel, knowing that financially, they have no way to pay for doctor’s visits or other measures to make sure that the fetus is healthy and certainly no way to pay for all the items that children require after they are born.  You people keep saying, “what if the child that would have been born could have cured cancer?”  What if the teenager that stays home to raise a child instead of going to college could have cured cancer?  Oh, I forgot, her life doesn’t matter because she’s a slut right?  Why don’t you just say what you really mean – you want to punish people for having sex.  You can’t stand the idea of people having sex when you can’t, and it pisses you off. 

  144. Tiffany, Do you know that a baby or fetus can suck its thumb when it is 10 weeks old?  It can feel and hear and react at even weeks old!  It is so much more a baby then we are led to believe.  If you watch a video of the progression of pregnancy you will see that the baby really is a little person very early on.  Anyway, the only thing that changes when it is born is its location.  If it is ok to end its life while it is inside the mother, why not in the nursery?  Where does it end?  Science has developed so far now that we KNOW that this is a little person, not just a clump of cells or something. 

    It doesn’t matter whether a person would cure cancer or be mentally challenged, any person deserves a chance to live!  Nobody is trying to punish anyone for having sex, but there are consequences to our actions.  Killing a baby through abortion is not a solution to those consequences, but only add new consequences for the mother to carry the rest of her life.  It is NOT painless or easy to take a baby’s life.  All life is valuable!

  145. [...] http://voiceofrevolution.askdrbrown.org/2009/01/18/abortion-statistics/ [...]

  146. ok abortion is so sad but i believe it should be allowed if you or the baby could die from birth or if you are rapped

  147. In response to Cathy’s statement “all life is valuable”

    Life is not all that valuable. Not human life anyways. Not to us. Why should it be? Existence of others is a burden onto ourselves. If anything, We should increase the value of life by limiting its quantity. We could calculate the value of life by measuring the amount of resources necessary to sustain any particular life, but since we can allocate these resources freely by choosing which fetus’ have access to them, we can essentially separate the resources necessary to create a functioning adult from the actual fetus. and with that we notice that an actual fetus is merely worth the propensity to successfully mate, a fairly simple task.  We should leave child-rearing to those who want children. Over time, this should allow for wanting children to be naturally selected for anyways, so the end result (theoretically) is a population taught to want and love children. By allowing for unfit parents to have kids, we’re creating more unfit parents, etc.

    And you’re probably thinking “well what if you were aborted?” or “what if so and so was aborted?” My answer to these debates are always the same regardless of if the hypothetical is referring to me or anyone else: It does not matter. Life does not have any identifiable purpose and thus the existence of particular individuals does not enhance the experience of the whole. So what if the person who would have cured cancer is aborted? all that means is that more people die from cancer and we are back at where I began this conversation. People do not make the world a better place: we are unnecessary for its function of developing a platform for sustainable life.

    Before explaining to someone why abortion is so bad, take a step back and consider if what you are claiming as true really is true.

  148. I’m not sure what you’re saying..
    you just said that bad parents will have bad kid, but the good parents will have the good children therefore having a good generation? So how in the womb do you know which one is bad and which one is good?? No one knows that! and I don’t get your whole theory of life not having a purpose…I guess your not a big fan of the “things happen for a reason” comment are you? Life has a purpose whether you know it or not..Everything has a purpose..EVERYTHING!

  149. James,  what are you saying: “an actual fetus is merely worth the propensity to successfully mate, a fairly simple task”.  Your argumentation seems very abstract and separated from the real life experience of child raising and attachment.   It seems detaached to the fault of ignoring relational lifespan dynamics and personality formation,  It seems to reduce a child coming into the world to being only a future baby producer, not a child of God with the full life of blessing God has promised.  What is the energy which will enforce your statement as being so, and how does that sustain itself apart from all other aspects of human life to primarily assert a babymaking function?  What grants a more balanced outlook on the Promise of each new Life?

  150. I wonder whether you people try to perceive other reasons why a person may opt for an abortion. If you looked at the information above, you will notice over 56% of the abortions among age group 15-44 are in their 20′s. That’s the age that people are likely in college, and the large percentage seen as inconvenient are due to being in college. having a child and going to school, as well as a job, is very difficult to balance.
    Is it possible that the people have been raped? would you want to be the mother of an illegitimate child, especially when the father deliberately forced the person into undesired sex by threatening them?
    oh, and when someone mentioned about money not being made because of a lack of people, your logic is skewed. If there are more people, then it means resources have to be dispersed among more people. That includes housing, food, and energy.

  151. jf,

    to put a human picture to those “illegitimate child[ren]“, see below:

  152. Touching story, but to quote a post from Youtube on that matter:
    “…Remember every woman is different and not every woman is able to physically and mentally survive the nightmare that being pregnant by rape…”

    Besides, my mother and father got together in college, she got pregnant while still attending, and was considering abortion. She didn’t, but she had to quit going to school  and move into her parents house to give birth to me.  My birth had hindered someone else’s opportunity at a better life. When I was told that she was thinking of having an abortion while I was inside her, I told her that it I couldn’t blame her for considering it.

  153. uhhmm……

  154. i started posting on #99 Its been a year now since i posted i just wanna say that my friend is alive and the baby was naturally aborted. ive been catching up on the comments and i have to say that its a lot of mudslinging going on. this isnt so much a argument about faith but LIFE. can we get back to the main purpose of whats giong on. thank you

  155. [...] http://www.voiceofrevolution.com/2009/01/18/abortion-statistics/ [...]

  156. this is horrible. we are killing humans that have the right to live.:(

  157. Deanna,
    maybe someone shouldn’t make that “mistake”. CONDOM or DONT DO IT. people should be accountable for their own actions. but people these days just choose the irresponsible and easy way out of thing. It’s just as simple as people should be responsible for their own actions.

  158. Hi, I know this discussion has been off for quite some time, but I just found it and I’d like to share my two cents.

    I’m a “pro-life” agnostic-theist male, living in Australia. I don’t subscribe to biblical teachings, but I do think moral teachings from the Bible are pretty sound, as I think they’ve helped shape the western world into what it is today (which I know is not necessarily a great thing).

    Anyway, that should cancel out any accusations of bible-bashing laid on me.
    I’ve thought abortion was a problem for a long time now. It’s a fairly straight-forward and not very well researched view, but from seeing this, and other studies throughout the years, I think I can say I think abortion is a stupid, and obviously usually a selfish idea. We can see from the figures – 98% of abortions, according to this site, are done purely because the mothers (or whoever has legal abortion forced upon them – I have read quite a few case studies on this, and it is not pretty) simply don’t want a child – and no rational outlying reasons to that.

    In reference to pretty much anything Alex said; I think it’s obvious she didn’t bother reading anything in this discussion that didn’t fit her preconceptions – so I think it would just be best to refer her to those posts.
    However I will respond to one thing she said, concerning the mothers right – and I’m sure this has been covered already, but I haven’t the time to go over every post just now. If the mother, lets say one belonging to the 98% majority, has the choice to give birth to a baby or not to, after she wilfully got impregnated, then why shouldn’t the child have the decision to whether it wants to live or die? It is only being given the choice to die. Alex, you went on complaining about the religious posters in this discussion “forcing their views onto you”. Well yes, there were a few posters who were being annoyingly religious about their views, but if you’re so annoyed about some people over the internet “forcing” their views onto you, imagine how a child would feel being forced to die, WITHOUT even having a say, and without even having a WAY to say anything. Please don’t act like the religious people in this discussion are oppressing you or something, that’s just immature, especially considering the topic.

    The huge rallying going on for abortion to me just seems like a huge excuse for irresponsibility. I realise there are a lot of unplanned births and other such stuff, but again, look at the figures: 98% of abortions were done voluntarily; were not rape cases; were not incest cases; i.e. they were aborting a fetus on the grounds that they didn’t want the responsibility of caring for a child. In my opinion, giving birth should be the immediate result of unprotected sex (let’s say within the bounds of consensual sex – I won’t delve into the other end as I’m not educated well enough on that). It is a consequence, just like if say, a student goes out to party excessively right before the day of his first exam. The resulting poor performance or failure he earned fair and square. He knew the consequences, yet he went and directly disobeyed them. It is the same for sex – a woman has sex with a man, and in return, she becomes impregnated. She earned the pain she will endure through childbirth, rightfully. In layman’s terms: sex makes babies, and families should realise t hat instead of trying to avoid responsibility.

    Now this is where it becomesa little skewed. In response to the potential argument that women should not have to go through the pain of childbirth just because they had sex – yes, I think they should. This is only my current opinion and it may well change in the future. I think that because of men and women’s contrasting physiology, they are in a sense “meant to” endure different types of pain throughout their lives. I think that because men, being naturally more able-bodied for work, are better-suited, and should therefore endure more physical pain (through say, labouring), while females, with their ability to carry children, and their significantly naturally weaker bodies should have to only go through menstruation, and childbirth. Now I am NOT saying that every woman should endure childbirth – sex should be an option; it’s just that most people would say yes to sex, I think, given the opportunity. My sociology lecturer would kill me if she knew I wrote this.

    Anyway, I hope I haven’t offended anyone. This is just what I think right now, and am entirely willing to be convinced.


    - Dan

  159. Just a further note on my final paragraph above: I’m aware that this distribution of the sexes is not the way it is today. It was mere speculation.

  160. abortion is not a good thing but hoestly i hate people who abort why abort your child if you weren’t aborted? it doesn’t matter god doesn’t approve this so don’t do it

  161. stats you failed to mention:

    there are ~ 1/2 million children in foster care the in US. guess how many get adopted — 25,000 (in a good year). that is 5% of the children in foster care. heard the stats that nearly 1 million couples are waiting to adopt in the US? that may be true, but some have filed paperwork. many of those who have only want babies, often caucasian babies, who are free of disabilities. the vast majority refuse older children (even toddlers), other races, disease or illness, emotional problems, drug histories in the mother, or a history of abuse or trauma.

    20% (nearly 100, 000) of those in foster care are not in homes, they are in institutions or group homes b/c they cannot find a foster home to place them in.

    21% of children in the US are living in poverty (these are NOT the ones in foster care!)

    In 2008 5.8 million children were involved in reports of child abuse in the United States. Let me say that again. 5.8 MILLION.

    So, to respond to the claim above that “In otherwords if you chose “Pro-Choice” you don’t care whether you are living or dead” I would say that is not necessarily true. I value my life because I was born to loving parents and am very blessed. I care about this life. If I had been faced with the lives I see many children face — filled with rejection, violence, physical and sexual abuse, trauma, and drugs. A life that often leads to homicide, jail, suicide, and despair. Would I have wished that life on myself? Would I wish that life on another innocent child — life for the sake of life, no matter how miserable. I honestly just don’t know, but I doubt it.

  162. I can understand not wanting to subject a child to a bad life. I, too, have very loving parents and a good life. But I do not believe that worrying about what your kid will endure is a justifiable excuse to murder it. Because that is quite frankly what abortion is–murder. If you can kill your child before he is born, what’s to stop you from killing him after he’s born? What’s to stop us from killing the elderly, or the disabled? The real issue is not whether people think they have a good excuse. The issue is the sanctity of human life. I do not know if this is current, but at one time in the (somewhat) recent history of the US, there was loud public outcry against vivisection on animals, yet vivisection was performed on abortion survivors on a regular basis. You know your country is in trouble when people care more about the lives of animals and trees than the lives of children.

    A woman does not have the legal right to take her body and trespass on someone else’s property. She does not have the legal right to take her body and sell her services as a prostitute. A baby is not part of the mother’s body. It is a distinctly separate body that is merely inside the mother’s body. In the amazing miracle of pregnancy, the baby and mother’s bodies exchange waste and carbon dioxide with nutrients and oxygen. The blood passes closely enough together to perform the exchange, yet the blood never mixes. How can women make the excuse, “It’s my body”? So how is it that a woman has the right to take her baby’s body and have it gruesomely killed?

    Abortion is wrong. I feel for women who are pregnant and don’t want a baby. I really do. But two wrongs don’t make a right.

  163. [...] 49 percent of all black children are aborted. Blacks abort their babies 3 times that of whites, a ratio that [...]

  164. should add content more often great read, also like the layout of the site.

  165. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  166. [...] in abortions stalled. From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal abortions occurred.[2] Abortion Statistics – Voice of Revolution According to the CDC, each year 616,074 African Americans are born. 458,500 babies will have died [...]

  167. iam totally against abortion and i always will be i cant believe what people do to those poor inocent babies! :’( i am going to protest at an abortion clinic this summer

  168. All life is precious in God’s eyes, and we should place value in human lives period. In this day and age protesters are marching over the loss of a handful of unarmed people shot by policeman in the United States. All loss of life is tragic, but why don’t we march and protest for the murder of aborted babies in the abortion clinics? I see people shed tears over a dog on tv who is in a pet shelter, and not give a second thought to the millions of babies being slaughtered each day in the world. When a nation is being led by Godless liberals, it is not hard to see where there priorities lie. liberals will beg steal and kill to get votes and win an election. People of God stand up, and vote them out. Let us March again to stop the murder of the helpless babies.
    Liberals always complain about the lack of tax revenue, but they are to stupid to realize they killed a large portion of the potential tax payers. Our country will have to pay for the blood that has been shed to God’s creation. In most cases we are now. Wake up America, turn to Christ before it is too late.

  169. I do not deserve to defend them, but I trust that God is. I just don’t understand the logic I’ve heard. If it is against a woman’s rights to not be able to chose an abortion, she can express that opinion. She has a voice. The baby doesn’t. The woman can fight for herself, but who fights for the children? Even if it is just a cell in the beginning, you know exactly what is is going to turn into. That is why you are considering an abortion in the first place. You are not afraid of a cell, you are afraid of your son or daughter. You don’t know how you’ll care for him or her. But I ask you to let God worry about that. I ask you to fight for your son or daughter, because they can’t fight for themselves. If that is all you do for them, it will be enough.

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