Lou Engle: GBW and a House of Prayer in Charlotte

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Lou Engle has spent the last few years laboring to see the end of abortion in America through prayer & fasting, launching, among other things, the Bound4Life movement and the Justice Houses of Prayer. He now believes it’s time to launch a similar movement to contend with gay activism in our nation, and he believes this movement will be birthed out of Charlotte, NC, starting with the God Has a Better Way event on July 25th.

After casting vision for this house of prayer movement at FIRE Church on July 5th (click here to listen to the message he delivered), I sat down with him to ask a few questions:

VOR: You said at the meeting on July 5th that you have a prophetic word for this region, could you explain in a few words what that is?

Lou Engle: Well I felt like I had a prophetic word for Charlotte and Dr. Brown and the community here that was, I received a prayer assignment five years ago to raise up a house of prayer, to contend with the ideological house of abortion and the homosexual agenda.  We’ve raised it up for abortion, but I felt like the other day as I was praying, it just came upon me so strongly reading Alan Sears’ book on the homosexual agenda, and it suddenly came upon me, I need to call Mike Brown.  I believe that out of Charlotte, a house of prayer contending with the homosexual agenda and ideology could be birthed actually creating a nationwide movement, similar to what took place in Bound 4 Life, in Washington DC five years ago, and I believe it’s a word of the Lord, I believe it’s an invitation being given to Charlotte to raise up a contending house of prayer, that contends not with people, but with spiritual principalities and powers, and actually will resist and be the high watermark, so to speak, of the homosexual agenda.  It stops here.

VOR: Do you believe the July 25th “God Has a Better Way” rally in downtown Charlotte will be an important event? If so, why?

Lou Engle: I believe with the 21 day fast, that we’re calling, that breakthroughs could  take place, in the community, people getting saved on that day, a divine favor shift in the high places of the government could take place, because in 21 days of fasting and prayer, because as you know with Daniel, everything shifted over the king of Persia, an archangel now had influence over the king of Persia, rather than the demonic prince of Persia.  Why can’t we believe for the same kind of shifts to take place in this season of time?  So I think the 25th is a flash point, at the ending of 21 days.

VOR: Why Charlotte?

Lou Engle: Because Michael Brown’s here.  God uses men and raises up leaders with voices, and places them in the right places.  I believe it’s also significant that Charlotte would not be like a San Francisco or an Atlanta but is actually takeable, not that Atlanta or San Francisco can’t be, but you take your lion and your bear, and you can take Goliath.  I think this could be a staging ground for the beginnings of a victory of the church getting its influence in this realm.

VOR: A local journalist from a gay publication that heard you speak on Sunday was concerned by your use of what he termed “violent rhetoric” in your speaking.  How do you respond to concerns such as these?

Lou Engle: Jesus Himself used ..  the rhetoric of violence.  He said, “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” He’s not talking about human weapons, but a spiritual intensity and violence against ideologies and unseen forces and powers of darkness.  Jesus said, “if I by the finger of God drive out demons, the Kingdom of God has come upon you,” and he talks about attacking the spiritual strongman, which is a spirit being, attacking and overcoming them, and taking the spoil.  That means that you break through the ideology, and the demonic spirit that rules that ideology, you actually see people liberated out of that ideology, homosexuals can come to Christ, be freed from their issues, be liberated, and it is a spiritual battle for the souls of the people.  But never have we ever said “take up [physical] violence” and used rhetoric that Jesus uses, “I’ve not come to bring peace but a sword”.  And so, that would be my answer.

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  3. The hatred towards LGBT people here today is not unlike the hatred that Nazi Germans had towards Jewish people in the 1930′s, and I gravely fear that, if not unchecked, this kind of a national movement could devolve into an ugly movement towards dehumanizing LGBT people to the point of losing their jobs, losing their civil rights, and maybe even losing their lives.  This level of hatred has been seen before, and history always repeats itself because we are human.

  4. SF Native,

    As a Jew myself, I take strong exception to your statement here. Please explain how the concept that men should marry women not men (which is the only known concept of marriage in human history until recently) is tantamount to the Nazi hatred of Jews. Please explain how the message that God loves homosexual men and women and that, in His love, He has a better way for them, is similar to the Nazi hatred of Jews. In America today, GLBT people play leading roles in our society and are among our most famous celebrities and TV personalities and politicians, etc. How does this compare to the situation of Jews in Nazi Germany?

  5. Gay people have been wusses for too long. I hope that they will fight back against the hatred that Brown and other ignorant people spew.

  6. Dr Michael L. Brown,

    The “only known concept of marriage in human history until recently” was not one man and one woman, it was one man and many women. Especially during the time of Moses, Especially during the time of Jesus, Especially during the time of Muhamed. Even then, the legal recognition of marriage was only reserved for the well-to-do. Poor people found mates to reproduce with, but they rarely got officially married because of the huge fee the legal institutions demanded. It is only until very recently, the last couple hundred years, that marriage become a common institution for a middle class that suddenly began to exist. It seems that the religious have been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern era where it’s illegal to sell your daughter into slavery if she has sex out of wedlock, where it’s illegal to execute people by stoning if they work on the Sabbath, and they are left with only being able to cause suffering to people who aren’t a part of their cult by rallying against the right of homosexuals to get what is nothing more than a bundled legal contract. Let’s not forget to mention that the bible condemns divorce except in the case of unfaithfulness/infidelity, and half of all marriages end in divorce whether or not there was infidelity.  If secularists are to believe the party line that you are protecting marriage, then why is there such little outrage about straight couples who divorce for reasons other than infidelity? There is no consistency because the “marriage defense” movement is purely about hatred of homosexuals and the unfounded fear that gays will corrupt society.

  7. Jay,

    What “hatred” are you referring to? Believing that God has a better way than homosexuality for people? How is that “hatred”?

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