VOR Looks at Holiness

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Recently, one major Christan magazine editor mockingly spoke of the church’s “holiness heritage kick[ing] in” after someone comes to faith in Jesus because of the church being “deathly afraid of cheap grace.” In contrast, another editor rebuked the church for “reject[ing] biblical discipline and adopt[ing] a sweet, spineless love that cannot correct,” declaring that the church’s “grace is greasy.”

When a professing Christian beauty contestant answered a question about same-sex marriage, conservative Christian universities and ministries welcomed her with open arms, even offering her scholarships and award presentation opportunities, while a liberal gay activist rebuked those organizations saying, “I’m not sure why conservative Christians would be so anxious to align their movement with a young woman whose sole claim to fame is to walk her fake breasts down a runway hoping that her appeal to vanity and lust will result in adoration and personal gain.”

A regrettable “holiness heritage”? Greasy grace? Conservatives promoting bikini-clad models? Liberals rebuking the church for embracing “vanity and lust”? What is a follower of Jesus to do in this confusing landscape of ideas?

It would be a massive undertaking to analyze in depth the subject of God’s holiness and how we as His chosen people are to order our hearts and lives in relation to His holiness. In this special issue of Voice of Revolution, however, we are continuing the dialogue by attempting to look at the subject from various perspectives.

Dr. Michael Brown takes a look at what kind of “liberty” we have in Jesus in his article Liberty From Sin, Not Liberty To Sin. Pastor and author David Harwood calls us to pursue holiness and love for the sake of our impending commend-ation in his article Blameless On That Day. Bryan Purtle warns us against picking and choosing the aspects of God we find appealing in The Sense of God’s Holiness. Andrew Yeoman gives practical steps for “dealing ruthlessly with sin” in Victory In Jesus! A Call to Practical & Spirit-Filled Purity. Finally, a fascinating account of the power of the gospel in the heart of an area of Africa inundated with idol-worship and witchcraft is described in Burning Idols.

As always, you are highly encouraged to give us comments and feedback on our articles, whether you agree or disagree with our viewpoints.

“You thought that I was just like you…” – Psalm 50:21

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  4. The reason we miss what holiness means is because we have missed the single-most goal of God in Messiah, and that is that we been transformed into His likeness, conformed to image – which is the hope of glory.  Yeshua/Jesus is what true holiness looks like; He is our only model for the righteous of God in Messiah and everything else is a religious rabbit trail.

  5. Well said, Donna!

  6. As we live Holy lives in Messiah, we should live as a living sacrifice to the Holy One. Setting our minds on things above, being tranformed in the likness of Yesuha our Lord. As it said that we are a new creation in Christ Jesus so put away the old self. Also the symbol of baptism as we submerge ourselves in the water putting our old self to death and rising with a new body in Christ our Lord. Truly to repent meaning to change the way you think.

  7. I am so happy that the celeb in question rejected the same sex marriage lifestyle in the public. her private life with her Jesus is her business and we should pray for her to correct in person with her God but same sex marriage is a choice to a deliberate sin against God. According Roman Chapter One. We should be praying for the celeberity that God will bless and keep her Holly for Himself

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