Martin Ssempa on The Line of Fire – Listen Now

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Update: Martin Ssempa provided some in depth analysis of the show on his blog here.

The interview with controversial Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa on the “Anti-Homosexuality” bill is available here:  Various gay activists were invited to participate in the discussion, but declined.  Jim Burroway, one of the individuals that declined, had this to say about Ssempa:

There is a reason we don’t take the word of liars like Martin Ssempa at face value. The man of “the Word” willfully misrepresents the very words of the “Kill the Gays Bill” — yes, I said it again — and what they really mean. That’s why we have the full text of the bill posted here (PDF: 847KB/16 pages), straight from the official governmental Uganda Gazette in which all bills are published before being voted on. We posted the full text of the bill for a very simple reason — so that you can see for yourself exactly what the bill says.

Ssempa, on the other hand, is too cowardly to post the text of the bill on any of his web sites. And the truth is he can’t, because if he did those very words would show Ssempa’s followers exactly what a compulsive liar he really is. He cannot post the bill, and he desperately hopes that nobody else reads it to learn what it actually says.

“Liar”? “Cowardly”? “Compulsive liar”?  Listen to the interview below, and decide for yourself if Ssempa is indeed all of these things.

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  1. Posted this on the Line of Fire site. Thought I would repost it here.

    I like Dr. Brown  was  good to emphasize that Pastor Ssempa doesn’t favor the death penalty for aggravated homosexuality. This was a VERY good to know.
    …but I think a better question would have been:
    Should the bill pass in its current form would he support it or rally (alongside the homosexuals) to repeal it?
    I don’t see how he can be a pastor of compassion and grace and yet be FOR such harsh penalties for homosexual practice.
    I unfortunatley, with the homosexual community, see a complete double standard and inconsistency here.
    Life imprisonment for consensual homosexual sex?
    Death sentence if one of them has HIV at the time?
    I have read the bill myself several times, this is what the law covers… I am not taking it out of context.
    I understand that Mr Ssempa doesn’t believe that this is the heart of the law…but it’s still what is in the law.
    Why can’t he be totally against the bill with its current sentencing instead of totally supporting it but wishing one of the most ridiculously harsh sentences be lessened?

  2. JordanNZ,

    Thanks for posting in both places. I replied to you on the Line of Fire site. Nice to hear from you!

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