The Invitation (by Christine Colbert)

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The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.
This is from the LORD and is His doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. Psalm 118:22,23

Zola Levitt once said in a broadcast: “When God chooses a people, Satan chooses them too.” Dr. Brown has detailed the history of anti-Semitism, pointing out that it has had longer tenure and more depraved manifestations than any other prejudice in the world.

Yeshua invited every one of us to “become one with” Him, which He presented in the parable or paradigm of the ancient Jewish wedding tradition. The beauty of the language He chose slowly dawns on us as we become acquainted with the unique features of this tradition. It is a tradition that is well worth looking into — because throughout the New Testament His most reassuring promises are framed in an analogy to this wedding paradigm.

But Jesus issued to Israel — to His Jewish brethren — a unique opportunity. He told them that only when they invite Him to return will He return! “You [Israel] will not see me again until you say ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’ ”

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis recently mentioned that Satan knows all too well that Jesus’ return will wait for this unique invitation from Israel. Jonathan explained that this is why some of the most vicious recent hate crimes and harassment have been directed toward Messianic Jews. We have seen reports of these incidents — one particularly barbaric, all deeply disturbing. They have occurred in recent months in Israel.

We’ve seen reports of young Messianic Jewish children being tormented about their faith by other children. They’re mockingly called “Christians” — as if this were a deplorable thing to be. But Messianic Jews are certain that they are Jewish. They’ve realized that recognizing the Jewish Messiah doesn’t detract from being Jewish — this recognition completes and fulfills Judaism. This is what the Orthodox don’t want Jews to know.

This is why some among the Orthodox try so desperately to keep other Jews from reading the New Testament — the B’rit Hadashah. Some among the Orthodox will even use listeners’ memories of the Holocaust, pogroms, and other terrible suffering at the hands of people who pretended to be Christians to remind Jewish hearts or minds that are beginning to open that “the New Testament is for Christians.” The Orthodox persuade other Jews that reading it is “disloyal” to all the Jews who suffered and died over the centuries at the hands of people who posed as Christians — “disloyal” to being Jewish.

Scripture is full of such amazing and beautiful “pictures” and reversals. In a picture of Jesus’ return, David refused to return as king of Israel after Saul finally died until David’s (and Yeshua’s!) own tribe — Judah — invited him to return. Ultimately the people of Judah not only invited David to return — they went out “to conduct him over the Jordan.”

Peter was so broken and remorseful after having denied knowing Jesus three times before the crucifixion that he thought he would just go back to fishing — he thought he might be “good enough” to do this. But Jesus restored him to his higher calling by extending a single question to him three times — a question that allowed Peter to affirm three times the very bond that he had three times denied — and to receive his personal commission as well.

Apparently the ultimate “Playwright” wants the same people who, through their “representatives” who were in power at the time, “did not know the time of their visitation” when He lived on earth — to be the very ones to call Him back to all of us. This is the world’s Story; and no person could have written it.

Yeshua said that when Jews at long last look up in recognition to invite Him back He will come. The One who “alone knows the end from the beginning” indicated that this will happen! We can be in prayer to strengthen His beloved Israel — the Jewish people — against all the slings and arrows of Israel’s — and God’s — outrageous enemies. And to strengthen the Jewish people toward “the scales falling from their eyes” and the recognition’s dawning.

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  1. My son, Joshua, 11, and I had just turned coincidentally to your key passage this night in Colorado, just before he dozed off at 9:30 PM. In school parties Valentine’s Day was a full day for Him, with catching up from homework put off last night by time used to fill out his classmate cards (his and his sister’s hearts were engaged in the prospects of their cards exchange and class parties, removed from the usual academic demands.). I wanted him increasingly to understand the times we live in, the appointed role of Israel, and the Hope we hold about the coming reign of Christ–being His adopted brethren. When he sees the turmoil spoken of in the evening News, coming from far and near, as spoken too of Jerusalem by Yeshua over Jerusalem in this section of Matthew (and the then standing Temple), and asks his questions, I wanted a framework of truth and possibility for giving my informed answers. Honor Yeshua, honor the Word. Otherwise, the turmoil around us in this world has no apparent purpose. This key passage of turning to hope for your article began our look see into the passage which reawakens the relevancy of a regathered Israel into the context of Daniel’s time of the end prophecies about his people and their coming King.

    Joshua trusts me as a guide. Our bond grows in care and affection. Opening the Book cements our mutual awe of our Lord. The chosen Nation then, will come to trust Him as their guide, redeemer, and King at the End of the Age (according to Yeshua in Matthew) by seeking as a result of events regarding the Temple to know who really bears the Name of God, as being Israel’s true Messiah (where He answers His disciples questions about His future coming, as they extend His way their expectation of restoration and promise to those of the chosen Nation). According to 2 Thesl. 2, this Assumption of the Kingdom comes after the “man of sin” is revealed, in the Temple, exalting his own name above all other names and the very person of the God of Israel. That fellow may start out with Messianic ambitions, but soon exalts himself above all regarded as holy and godly in Judaism and in the faith of its Christ found in the nations. It is apparent then that this is a moment of high expectation, disappointment, betrayal of truth, disillusionment, and turning to Yeshua all at once which Christine has highlighted–according to the words applied of a new expectation wrought of that moment or season of acknowledgement of Yeshua as Messiah (it seems a chosen and appointed moment in the context of the discourse of the Messiah made over Jerusalem).

    We then add Peter’s disclosure to those gathered Jews in Jerusalem, summarized in Acts 3:21, to gain a bit more insight to this moment of National recognition and revelation–where Yeshua is accepted by the chosen Nation as Messiah King–Yeshua remains in heaven UNTIL that very moment, or restoration of the season of future recognition of His appointment of restoration for Israel (you choose one or both for comprehending the importance of the context Christine has in focus). Vs. 23 makes it clear enough, the chosen Nation’s ear shifts to listening, hearing, accepting, and heeding Him alone as the appointed ONE. Vs. 24 states that all the prophets, from Samuel forward, have intimated this season of coming recognition and restoration rule of the ONE. Yeshua is the promised servant of Abram, of the righteousness he came into by venturing out in faith, through God’s blessing and grace (vs. 25-26).

    Acts 4:4 through the words shared by the close disciple of Yeshua as the key to the resurrection, the number of men of the Nation believing “grew to about five thousand”. Rapidly the shift of orientation from the Temple ways to the Messiah’s Way was happening, and the religious authorities were alarmed. Yeshua was building His new Jerusalem form His followers in their midst. This was a threat to the control of those the ritual system and legal covenant leading men then, as it was later in the nations, and now ripples back from the Message received abroad to soon be once more be the number one identity matter to those of the regathered Nation’s Heritage now. And, all around that Nation we see forces compelling others to declare a different allegiance, a different understanding, and a different disclosure of whose the Name to be the Name chosen for God’s coming government? Will it be a 12th Calephite Imam, and his prophet, or will it be the chosen ONE of the People of the Land of the Book?

    We simply cannot get away from the restoration theme resounding from heaven’s throne to earth over Jerusalem since the regathering of the People into the Land of the Book (Is. 11:11 on). The times have blocks of militant Islamic assumptions and fevor threatening the order of events leading to the recognition of Yeshua as King of this world now reforming from the North and the South soon (as found in Daniel). The control of Jerusalem, and contention of whose who in Islam in these last days begins to swirl around those regathered in the Land of the Book. And, as with the other misassumptions of Muhammed, what shall His Name be? Who will settle the arguments of insistence, hope, and promise? Which promises will remain, and lead to the advent of the coming King? Which coming King will overcome, be the chosen ONE, and reconcile all the questions and expectations of multitudes?

    Within minutes of Josh and I looking into Yeshua’s prophecy over Jerusalem, citing Daniel as a living letter, I found here the same passage highlighted by Christine’s thoughts on how the Jewish Nation will be disposed when Yeshua comes to purpose His purpose. We find Zechariah and Ezekiel then revealed from a changed and enlarged Olive Garden Hill and cemetery when the Messiah’s feet touch its crown, now sitting quietly above Jerusalem. And we naturally ask, what may stimulate and at the very least acknowledgment by the restored Nation of His achieved past Messianic actions, in a sudden future where the atmosphere’s echoing Trumpet, and a Shout is heard worldwide from above (the shout to be heard from above Jerusalem, echoes suddenly around this wide world. Jesus presents in the sky and clouds, the antiMessiah is crushed by the Return, so, enormous change occurs to the very nature of earth.).

    This event, in Matthew, and the preaching of the Gospel throughout the Nations do indicate in Yeshua’s declarations from the Mt. of Olives the End of Daniel’s Age of the Gentiles dominance of planet earth. Israel’s Messiah, the Son of Man (per Ezkl. and Daniel’s reference) appears in the clouds and sky, where all eyes see Him. From the language of present tense proclamation, of the passage Christine references for her article, perhaps the essential confession and request is made to accept He who comes in the Name of the Lord as coincidental with the very moment of He appearing in His Glory– it is written as coming both with and for the Saints. With those “asleep”, as Paul states, and to both resurrect their bodies, and for those “who live in Christ” on the earth. On that Day, as Zechariah claims, a pivotal change happens to the planet, to Jerusalem, to us, to the chosen Nation for his residence, and instantly to the Mt. of Olives, as it is leveraged up and up and streams flow to the four directions from it for the healing of the nations. This result of the Return and restoration is world changing, reconciling all things to Him and in Him, and is mind bending in the sense of complete reorientation of reality to His reality.

    Will the key confession of the article be the cause, or the coincidence revealed of the People of the Land of the Book accepting Him and His Name as the One of that moment?

  2. I see my fourth paragraph needs editing for sense, and offer it, with my apologies…

    Acts 4:4 through the words shared by the close disciple of Yeshua as the key to the resurrection intentions, the number of men of the Nation believing “grew to about five thousand”. Rapidly the shift of orientation from the Temple ways to the Messiah’s Way was happening, and the religious authorities were alarmed. Yeshua was building His new Jerusalem from His followers in their observant midst. This was a threat to the control of those of the ritual system as legal covenant leading men then, as it became later in the nations, as now ripples back from the Message received abroad to soon be once more be the number one identity issue to those of the regathered Nation’s Heritage. And, all around the chosen Nation we see forces compelling others to declare a different allegiance, a different understanding, and a different disclosure of who is the Name to be the Name chosen for God’s coming government? Will it be a 12th Calephite Imam, and his prophet, or will it be the chosen ONE of the People of the Land of the Book? Will it be born of truth or lie?

  3. Thank you for what you have shared.

    We are urged to be like “the men of Issachar,” who “understood the times.” We can return our minds to prayer whenever we have even a little space to do so. Specifically, among other prayers, prayer “for the peace of Jerusalem.” And we can be watching, or attentive. We have the counsel to be awake, to pray — and to be ready.

  4. Indded, we have–and must form now–”the counsel to be awake, to pray–and be ready”. Let it become so.

  5. That we become One as He and the Father are One, forms to meet the challenges rapidly upon us of the times.

  6. One reality that strikes me about the words of Jesus spoken over Jerusalem and His Nation are that he was summarizing thousands of years ahead, as to the signs of His Coming, with summary details. There is simply little chance of any prophecy interpreter being able to break down sequences to any degree of specificity without looking at other corraborating Biblical information, charting with events as Daniel in particular gives them, and also looking at restoration and Messianic futures passages of the Jewish Prophets of Old (per the clue of Acts 3:21). When I first started reading this material in the 1970s the church in the USA was still looking to Scofield and other declarations of “Chruch Age” so-ascribed dispensations, who were naturally immediate culture of reference church centric. Replacement theology was the assumption for most futures interpretation. People of faith at that time marveled at little Israel’s overcoming war and the desert, but too were caught up with the American outlook on the world, and the scriptures.

    Some remain stuck in such views, but are rapidly adjusting the centricity to the Middle East, especially to Jerusalem and the formations of enemy alliances North and South. Two branches of Islam are in the
    area, and its outlook and interpretations of citizenry acceptable power and order assumptions are currently being clarified in these times leading to the end of the Age. What I see lacking, and needing new teaching, is how both Israel, and the Church–with separate challenges at this juncture–make themselves ready for the Return. This is the direction we should be seeking, working at in our communion, and setting mutual goals of Council about, not Biblical interpretation at this juncture.

    The Bible’s pedictions and depictions are at the very door of the hour. Now is the season to not only note and be aware of the season, but to form Council based on the readiness criteria Jesus has already outlined. We should be aware not only of what robs us of the now mystery and soon revealed Kingdom of God in this world, but we should be organizing a broad response based on highly predictable furutes regarding resources, seeking our common bonds, processes regarding reconciliation, making ourselves ready to receive Him as He is and will be, and generally being faithful and true on what He called the weightier matters of the law. That would not be law focused, but matters addressing as to assertion and advocacies.

    When we see how changing basic moral orientation then affects other aspects of our society–as it now has–this just begins to clue us into the other arenas and areas of influence, stewardship, and common pursuit of holiness we, as His People, should now be planning and facilitating. We are not helpless, just to respond not only to every new and false wind of supposed doctrine, for, we have the written down mind of Christ and the named Apostles to organize our own attitudes, manner, processing, and goal setting around. The church has always done this in measure, from this or that cadre. Now, however, because of the season of short opportunity, working while the light is available becomes more vital as to achieving faithfulness, godliness, perseverence, etc. around doing His business. First and foremost is the sacred trust He has passed on of witness of His Gospel and teaching. Secondly is bolstering being one aniother’s ‘keepers’. Thirdly is the need to be transparent in our goals and objectives agreements and declarations. Fourthly, is the pooling of our resources–His resources–to be channeled toward His goals, balanced values, and newly set objectives. Fifthly is to jealously guard the right of assembiy, declarations of related faith, and alignments with His New Covenant reinforced commands. Sixthly is the need to consult one with another to achieve not only statements of faith for our organizations existing in His Name, but to shore up the kinds of actions and purposes His life illumined, that differed from what came prior in the revelations of God to His own. And, Seventh, making the effort to unify our hearts, outlook, and intentions to form ‘Messiah’s List’ for the challenges of the times. What are the Returning Messiah’s desires regarding His People in these times? What are practical criteria for coming to hear Him and respond accordinly, as One People? How can we effectively broaden the claims of Jeremiah’s New Covenant to arise to the full stature of He who was, is and is to come? Blessing, grace, truth, spiritual ways of living in this world, forgiveness, redemption, Christ in Us, tapping Jesus as present Mediator and Intercessor, etc.–what responses at large, in North America, where we live, can we commonly puruse, commonly mutually acknowledge, and commonly embrace that will fulfill and be fulfilling of His Way?

    It is time to drop the carnal assessments, and view the body here through a commonly self respecting lens, based on the heavenly revelation of reality which Jesus ushered in. It is time to look at one another with eyes of affection, so that the spirit of reconciliation, agape’, and philio (both mentioned in redressing Peter after his denial) can come together in us and through us, to make ourselves ready for the Return. Of course, it is written that the Anti-Messiah will come first, and the world lie in him. But we know the end game, the final word, the resolution of the Kingdom Age to the confusion of these last days. We must not only look to Him, in His word and spirit, but too to one another, acknowledging above all other views, a growing perspective of He in Us and Us in Him. Let all other criteria of ungodly judgement fall to the ground as New Covenant criteria for right judgement is clarified and pursued. Selah Shalom.

  7. Typos typos and not a tear to drink.

  8. Jabez,

    Looking back over your comment, I don’t see too many typos. But as an editor, I can certainly identify with the exasperation we feel when we find even one annoying typo in our writing.

    Your comments tend to have many words and long paragraphs, a style that isn’t generally considered to be reader-friendly.

    Sometimes it seems as though the words are welling up and flowing from you. It might be helpful to set them all on paper, then return to them to extract the essential ideas — and let these fewer words express your thought. This way, if someone replies, s/he will understand the parts or focus that you consider most important.

    But you presented your beautiful personal experience with God (your testimony) with appropriately few words. This increased its effect or impact.

    Thank you again.

  9. Christine,

    Well put on a politically risky comment. It shows that my Project Manager job description–dealing with government based contracts and documents most often–leaks into other expressive prose here. And, I’ve been reading the Apostle Paul for years, another strong influence on endless sentences. Further, my lower spinal injury can act out and fog mental clarity off and on (my Kosher excuse). Sometimes too I think in another language than English. But, it is always the case that I need an editor to publish anything, anywhere, anytime, simply put. Even so, my inspiration and matters of exploration seem to me anyway to be important, or they would not be shared. I have read that an English writer should shoot for a sixth grade level of expression, hard when you are dealing with scientists and engineers regularly. Otherwise, I put any obsfucation on the Cross, as covered. Do you do any external editing?

  10. DISCERNING THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES, OUR PREPARATION FOR THE RETURN, AND OTHER REALITIES. I urge all VOR readers to hear and heed Asher Intrater on the 20th of May, as can be heard over the IHOP (prayer, not pancakes) live conference view screen. Although differences remain with the IHOP view of the Apostolic intention of God in Christ in our generation, this is a vital season for knowing the Signs Asher as a New Covenant Prophet can uniquely discern and discuss from the vantage point of His Ekklesia community’s relationship with our Messiah King. I expect the ‘alabaster jar’ to begin to crack and reveal our Call to Counsel, Community, and Consecration through his word. Please join with the effort to Watch and Pray for preparatory renewal in Christ’s Bride.


  12. Thanks, Jabez. Is there a particular time of day (Central?) for connecting with the “live conference view screen”? (I’m thinking this means a live webcast.) Or is it an online event that will be recorded/archived and available at any time?

  13. The conference name was changed since I initially wrote about it, last month, to the Church and the End Times (away from the second Pentecost theme). Asher begins speaking on the evening of the 19th, one session, with two on the 20th as well. If you click on the second URL posted, you should also see the posted schedule option. It is to be live streamed, on time, and should hold intrinsic and community wide relevance for believers in No. America and worldwide. You live in the same state, do you not?


    This word included the authority of Christ and the Prophets, the sacrificial calling of our lives to His service to bringin the King of the Kingdom, to stay loyal to His Gospel, to not preach we ourselves, but He Himself (as swimming upstream here now to you all for almost three years of admonishment). If you want to see the ‘power’, contend for the Word of the Gospel.

    As written to you all, beloved, it is time to yield one to another, to achieve the readiness of the prophets of old to receive the Spirit of Revelation. This is the seven fold spirit of Isaiah 11, not the good old time religion of Revival history and form. The jar has begun its cracking, this is the day and weekend of this establishment.

    Please pray with me as the work of the Call to North America, Call to His People, and Day of Atonement Call are solidified by timeline associations with Biblical calendar analogies and inspirations. This Call, as agreed with Asher, is not for our comfort, it is for warfare and agreement, reconciliation and partnership. If you feel you are a kingpin for ministry, stand aside and let the whole people of the family of God in christ emerge, prayerfully seek unity, and achieve a fresh communion.

    For “we will not love our lives unto the death, spiritual death, the second death”. We will stand in the Messiah against the tides of Hell, this world, and the flesh in the difficult times upon us and ahead. Power was the last of three outlined agreements Asher shared, not the first one. If you did not hear and receive this word, find the recorded version after the conference ends, for this is the overarcing Word of the Lord to which all other efforts must align or be left aside. I do not say this lightly.

  15. I last wrote about the Revelation of John and the first chapter’s word to the seven churches, which Asher began with this evening. I shared about the reality that we too, in our religious complacency and assumptions of superiority, would need to hear Jesus afresh on what He may be now holding against us, in need of letting go, for a spiritual relignment with the King, and for the warfare ahead to reestablish our communion, and its counsel, to then prepare “strategically, and tactically” for what is ahead. As written, “to light our lamps” and “prepare for the Bridgroom” by and through ongoing receipt of the Holy Spirit. This might sound pat and pattern rhetoric, but, as Asher shared, it is not for theological instruction and knowledge,but for practical application out of need for anointing to proceed.

    “His life was given for our salvation. Our lives must be given for Your Kingdom to come and be established from Jerusalem: through suffering and sacrifice through the blood of the lamb and for the Victory of Christ in the midst of Tribulation”. Asher affirmed that we will not be raptured away from the tests and challenges ahead to fight the forces of hell here on earth ahead. Victory through the keys Jesus holds in the midst of tribulation is our Call. When he spoke of Apostolic authority it was with the difference between what has been shared and preached as a form of idolatry, of self importance, with the kind of sacrifice that the authors of the NT gave. Asher shared a word from the Father, 1) Partner and stand with us (believers in Israel), where we are fighting the forces of Islamic Jihad in this present arena and world, as being Israel, needing the support of the Church prayers, praise, and prophectic contention, 2) receive the Spirit of the Prophets of Revelation for anointing to take to task what they took to task in this present time, and 3) receive the power to do the warfare and advance the Kingdom for the coming King.

    He mentioned specifically not being interested in pursuit of idols of ministry, idols of knowledge of vanity through theological sophistication, nor idols of relgious preoccupation and practices. It is not the season to pursue these, nor their vanity, but to prepare for the coming of the Bridegroom. He cited his court case won last year against the orthodox, and being expelled from the synagogue because of association with Yeshua as Messiah. He mentioned the price paid and the glory in tribulation, and that Jesus himself gve the Revelation to John, where the prayers of the saints came to heaven, were received, and dispatched angels who then sent these as fire onto our earth. He mentioned too that, as it was in the first century and so es[ecially in the revelation given through John and the Prophets of Old: “Persecution is what matches action of God with Revival”. There is no escape to a comfort for the flesh which replaces the Kingdom suffering present violence and contempt, and so with the kind of glory with which Jesus triumphed fromthe Cross.

    Israel and the Church are called together to bring on the last events of the end times, one as to the Beast system coming and its contrast with the Kingdom of God in Christ, and secondly “He who overcomes”,not he who is comfortable, will receive the crowns of life in the Revelation. The jar has cracked (my hearing) so that we can begin to prepare our need to be ready for the night that is coming before the rising of the coming Day. We need to declare a Counsel (my hearing) to prepare (his hearing) to have the strategy and weapons in place to do the warfare to endure, suffer, and overcome what this world coupled with fallen angels here are attempting to accomplish. Satan knows his time is short (our hearing).

    The Devil then is presently angry because of this fact. We must prepare our households and fellowships to know andwalk in what we have (our hearing). “First, Everything is in Jesus, not in we ourselves or our ideals of ministry”. Idols in the name of Christian religion have been erected. All idols must fall. “Secondly, the strategic revelation is being revealed now to the Church [His People] to deal in Christ with the times”. “Thirdly, impartation of Christ’s anointing and the Spirit of Revelation given the Prophets (Daniel and John were frequently mentioned) are now coming to us, and as we need to stand in these times.”

  16. He called the Revelation to John not simply a first century book or letter, nor a distant down the road synopsis of supernatural and horrific events, but a present day, present time challenge as to discernment, preparation, and action for these present days. It is not primarily about the past or future but is increasingly of the here and now. Israel and the Church are now being sealed in the Spirit of the Revelation of Prophecy of the Holy Spirit: to preach his Word, pray, and Prophecy as to His preparations for His Return. We will be given the authority to overcome the trials we will experience.

    Through the testimony of the blood of the Lamb, the Kingdom of Yeshua is to be established on this earth. Heaven will meet with our lives while working for His Kingdom come. The anointing of the Revelation is open now from its “little book” to believers, as once sealed up until our time, and as now protected–though suffering–known of devotion unto the King and the Kingdom. We must pray and intercess. Victory during tribulation, His own glory in the church, and increasing unity of communion is in our present contention for the faith.

    There must be established the place of the people of the tribe of Judah, and the Temple will be rebuilt, in order for the Lion of this Tribe of Judah to come. Present situations will lead to the tensions which will bring about His soon Return. But, not to rapture believers away from trial and tribulation, but to confirm He and His Kingdom. The Lion of the tribe of Judah is coming, and to establish His Rule. The sea in the Revelation refers to the Nations, the Land to Israel, read the Revelation with this in mind. In these times the eating of the little book will seem sweet in our mouth but bitter in our digestion. 11:15 we are here for the completion of the mystery of God in Christ, as sum and substance of all that came prior. The Cross and the Resurrection are no longer a mystery, the present Call to overcome is the mystery for fufillment. The keys and seals and trumpets of the Revelation work to unveil the mystery of Christ and He in Us now and ahead, not a down the road mystery, as presently engaged revelation. We are in the times, in the days, in the season; it is increasingly upon us.

    He is what this challenging season is about for our association and agreement, not we or our religious idols. Revival and glory in the end times parallel persecution and suffering in the end times. Victory in tribulation is not victory in being lords of the Kingdom over one another, but where nothing is so outside of being in Him. “Everything, including your ministry, will be shaken”. (Asher I.). He is of first importance, He has “opened the Gospel to us”. He has entrusted us with His Gospel, His teaching, and His Spirit.

    WhenJohn wrote of the end time… when Daniel so shared”, neither “understood what they wrote, sealed until then”. We are to understand, we are to know and represent Messiah’s orders, strategy, tactics. These are those times. This was Asher’s emphatics, and I completely agree. How to operate as the body, the bride, in the end times is our present challenge. This calls for both for counsel and anointing. The seals of the Revelation and the words of Daniel are opening.

  17. And here is a sobering summary of his allusion to the Revelation as framework to this prophetic New Covenant Word given in KC this night. Of the 7 churches addressed, 2 were not in error, and they suffered persecution. The other 5 as called to repentance were not suffering persecution, and likely were comfortable as self described. But they were warned that they soon would know the judgment of God related to the variuos sins and false assumptions under which they were operating. Victory is in Jesus the Messiah. Jesus holds the keys to bind evil, while the forces of hell are rising across the earth to test mankind. Our King holds the keys to death and hades, our King holds the keys to heaven and judgment. He admonished “use the keys on ourselves”. Don’t open the door to the Devil [think of the seven deadly sins] when all forces of evil are coming. Throw the Devil out of your home, your body, your selves, your affections–work from the inside. “1st the fullness of sin in the Revelation’s trials, then the judgement”. “Preach the Gospel; revival comes with persecution”. The Mark of the Beast is countered by the seal of the Holy Spirit. The rapture is at the end of tribulation, not the beginning of it. To think otherwise is a dangerous deception. In the midst of difficult situations and dark seasons we are given faith for victory, not comfort. “The Revelation is of Jesus in His Glory, it is about Him, not us”.

    “I was asked to speak of Israel, the church, or the end times. The times challenge us about Him, about Yeshua. It is not a message about Israel, or the end times. 2 mistakes have tripped up the church, fascination with Israel, and fascination with the Messianic movement. As a father of the Messianic movement I state both are mistakes. Follow Him”. Thank you Asher for speaking the truth with charity.

  18. Had a technology failure last PM to hear the second address by Asher. If anyone took notes, please forward this to I am called as a New Covenant Prophet as well, and need the testing and affirmation of the word as was coming forth.

    This morning’s first address dealt with the root of why revivial has not come. The extended family of God in Christ in the nations must be healed of wounds,dysfunctions, lack of love as Jesus loves, the sense of being orphans (for you. RDM), above all else various orientations of pride, rejections, etc. The cleavage is so far and wide and deep that healing must come in order to be for one another, to establish the relationships as He wishes these to be. The jar has cracked with this revelation, the glory is not in the church until this is addressed, hearts are open, and unity comes with the already established vertical relationship of union. Unity will occur by mutual pursuit of clarity toward reconciliation of the matters and issues involved, case by case, instance by instance. Asher prayed for a release of healing over the extended covenant family of God in Christ: for the Jewish Messianic and the Christian alike. Let it be so.

  19. I haven’t connected with the webcasts, Jabez. I hope you obtain the information you were wanting! The reconciliation note in your comment is beautiful.

    I particularly appreciate your language (approximately) about the “extended family” of the covenant people. This is right on the mark, in terms of Church history.

    I sometimes think that much antisemitism almost certainly resulted from resentment about, or even jealousy of, Israel’s unique role and “chosenness.” But as you observed, the covenant relationship and the “chosen” status have now been extended to all people of faith in Israel’s own Yeshua.

    I understand that the term “Jew” originally had the connotation “facing God.” So others might have been considered (or self-perceived) to have been *not* facing God! But we’re told in Galatians 3:14,29 that those who believe in Jesus are Abraham’s seed and heirs to the covenant! Unfortunately, many Israelis would not presently qualify as such, based on this faith requirement — notwithstanding their ancestral biological connection to Abraham. The *faith* criterion overrides biological ancestry.

    So we recognize this “extended family” that you have so aptly described as being “from the *Source’s* mouth”!

  20. C.,
    My Norwegian bride remarked that she felt the teaching on the primary need for healing and reconciliation was so clearly stated and on time.

  21. Just a notation of source credit, Asher used and emphasized in the message I summarized, “extended family” in discussing the present covenant people of God, in Christ. This was a very clear message from the Throne to the Body on earth, and in keeping with the unveiling of the seals of Caniel and the Revelation which Asher emphasized as present unveiling for the covenant peoples.

  22. C. If you go to this URL, right click and select save target you can download the MP3 of the two night sessions mentioned above. Indeed given to those of interest in Israel, revival, and the times we are in.

  23. Brethren,

    Starting Shabatt, the Messianic community of Jerusalem will be praying as the regathered covenant remnant for a ‘second Pentecost”, further completion of the word of Joel. It will be live streamed for three days. There is a definite petition agenda, which cannot be ignored as to stepping ahead in faith for the fulfillment of the Prophet’s statement (per Acts 3:21). check Saturday on, calculate how many hours ahead of your location Jerusalem is, as to beginning the Call..

  24. The Prime Minster of Israel has announced a return to the Bible in seeking guidance. “Taking a page out of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin’s playbook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will begin hosting a regular Bible study group in his official residence for researchers, public officials and invited guests. Netanyahu announced the establishment of the study circle on Friday at a ceremony marking 30 days since the passing of his father-in-law, Shmuel Ben-Artzi. The study group will be named after Ben-Artzi, a noted poet and Bible teacher. Both Ben-Gurion and Begin, when they each served as prime minister, hosted regular Bible study groups. Netanyahu said he was establishing the class to perpetuate love of the Bible.” Let us join with Asher, above, and include this group as to revelation of the Holy Spirit coming upon the leaders of the Chosen Land.

  25. What wonderful news this is!

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