Hijacked Messiah (by Christine Colbert)

Filed under Israel & The Jewish People on May 11th, 2013 by Christine Colbert

Down the many centuries, how this twisting of His plan?
From Israel’s own leaders, moved by fear and jealousy to crucify
While He walked with us — yet among the common people He was
The most popular Rabbi of all time!
(But God was not surprised) –
To the innumerable times the “church” or those aligned, or evil nations
Moved to discriminate, to evict His own Jewish “brethren” from decent places to live,
Even to banish them from entire countries;
Some of the hatred perhaps brought on by the brethren themselves,
Who regarded themselves “chosen” and all others
As those who were “out of covenant,” the “nations,” the (shudder) “gentiles.”

The old “convert or die” stance against these, His own brethren,
Whom Paul admonished us to treat well.
Dark, antisemitic words from the seminal Reformation voice;
The “Third Reich’s” falsely citing Christianity in its darkest wrongs.
And the surviving remnant of all these diabolical schemes
Understandably concluding that “Jews don’t believe in Jesus” –
Their orthodoxy sure to tell them “The New Testament isn’t for Jews.”
A false dichotomy!

What culture wouldn’t love to claim Yeshua?
But He bears a Hebrew name.
Yet the long, tragic story of the Jewish people
And the “leading” of their still-tradition-blinded guides
Still block recognition and reunion.
Many among the one nation that can claim Jesus continue to reject or ignore Him!
Yet God’s ultimate plan unfolds on course.

Through the story of Jacob’s son Joseph,
Yahweh shows us that, though Christ’s own brethren,
Like Joseph’s, through their evil leaders of His day,
May have treated Him terribly –
One day, like Joseph’s brethren, they will learn that He lives
And have a private, impassioned conversation.
At long last they will be utterly reconciled to the Son — all argumentation will cease.
They will be freed from all the hurt, the blindness, the lie.

He will hasten to embrace and weep along with them,
Like Joseph with his astonished brothers long ago.
Like Joseph’s brothers, they had not recognized Him!
Yet it is He who has saved and will preserve them!
Yeshua loves — has always loved — Israel first and forever.
It is through Israel’s having prepared the way for Jesus that all nations have been blessed –
The Abrahamic Covenant forever fulfilled in Him.

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  1. One of the reasons that most Jews do not accept Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah is Christianity itself.
    Christianity erased the Jewishness of Yeshua. So many of the words of the Old and New Testaments, along with the names of the Disciples and Jesus Himself, have been changed and scrubbed of their Jewish roots/identity. Along with that, is the historical hatred of the Jewish people by Christians themselves.
    Even the early church fathers were horribly anti-Semitic.
    Then there is the persecution of Jews by Christians. Both the Protestant and the Catholic church have persecuted Jewish believers throughout history. Pogroms too numerous to list, the Holocaust, the expulsion of Jews from Christian countries, forced conversions and the wholesale slaughter of Jews for simply being Jewish, makes it hard for Christians to tell Jews about the love of Jesus.

  2. Yes, absolutely. But from the time Yeshua walked with us here through the present time, (some among) the orthodoxy have plotted against Him and misled His own brethren to prevent their recognizing Him as well.

    I love the “type” or “shadow” we find in the story of Jacob’s son, Joseph. His brethren plotted against him as well. But ultimately he was profoundly moved upon being reunited with them. He forgave them and in a physical-survival sense also assured their salvation. Zechariah 12:10 provides the prophetic glimpse of the great reunion between Yeshua and His beloved Israel that is to come: ” . . . they will look on Me whom they have pierced; and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only son . . .” One doesn’t have to read far in the gospels to know that His great heart, like Joseph’s long ago, will respond with love, forgiveness, and true salvation.

    Thank you for posting.

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